Whoa! I think my DBIL is going to Club 33!

Okay, Disneyland liners, what do you think about this?
My brother-in-law is a partner in a firm that consults for various corporations, and one of them is Disney. DSis just texted me this:

“Disney XXXX is hosting a gaming, entertainment, and media conference. He’s going to LA! They also get to eat at the Executive dining room (jacket required) and get a behind the scenes tour of their production studio (no others allowed).”

(The X’s are because I didn’t want to disclose the Disney department that’s sponsoring this). I asked her to ask him if it’s Club 33 but he has no clue. He doesn’t even know what that is.

What do you all think? Could that be where he’s going? It sounds like it is in the park, and formal.

I tell ya, it’s pearls before swine! Not that my BIL is porcine :laughing:, he’s actually quite wonderful, but he’s not a Disneyphile. It’s just not fair.

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I don’t think it is Club 33, they do not require a coat. I just ate there earlier in October. I am guessing it is the dining room at the Disney Studios location in LA. Sounds exciting!


Ok! That sounds right. I’m not familiar with Disneyland at all, so your description sounds right on target. I have no idea where the studios are located compared to the parks.

I’m sure he’s going to have a blast. Clearly, I’m green with envy.


The studios are in Burbank, which is about 36 miles / 40 min from Disneyland with no traffic. It does sound like the dinner is at the studio. Still really cool! It’s not a tourist location so not a lot of people get to go there.


Isn’t this always the case? Just make sure you tell him, no matter what exciting Disney location he ends up at, to take in all the details and report back to you. I hate when DH goes somewhere fun and can’t report back on anything!

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