Who wants to look at my touring plans?

I have been obsessively working on my touring plans this weekend because my FPP day was yesterday. And now I can’t stop tweaking them!

Anyone care to look at these and make some suggestions??? (Going to try to post the links to them, hopefully this works)

Day 1 MK
We will also be going to HS after dinner at Chef Mickey’s this night but I didn’t do a TP for this yet as it will mainly be for fireworks.

Day 2 AK
This is an early day back to resort for swimming (weather permitting)

Day 3 HS (need work on this one once I know Frozen Summer Fun schedule further)

Day 4 EP
This is not all inclusive of the countries in WS. We will probably explore more there in the evening but I didn’t want to have too structured of a “plan” for that since all will depend on how long meals and breaks take.

I have more for days 5-7 but I keep getting “bad gateway” error when I try to look at them. Hopefully they are still there in cyber world.

Here is Day 5 MK
We will be doing dinner at 1900 PF this night

Day 6 MK

Day 7 EP
This one is pretty incomplete… It is mainly to explore things we miss on the first EP day. I have FP for turtle talk and Nemo just because but will probably cancel them and try to hope for pixie dust to score an extra tier 1 FP that day. Doubt it will happen but a girl can dream:)

Any feedback? What am I missing???

First remember TP are only guides and can’t be followed exactly. Rides break down kids, need snacks etc etc that said here goes
Day 1. Don’t know the ages of your kids but you need to add a few bathroom breaks. I add 15 mins every 90 mins/2 hrs. Also Merida M&G might take a bit longer.
Day 2 you might struggle to do pocohontas and conservation station before breakfast. Kids can spend up to an hour at the conservation station especially if the vets are working with the animals, and you don’t want to pull them away. Would suggest moving 1 of these of them to the end of day. ( But decide on the day )
Day 4 . Again bathroom breaks You might not be ready for lunch at 11.20 after breakfast but would suggest a 20 min juice break about 10.30/11 instead and push lunch back a bit. You ordering makes sense though grouping attractions together like that.
Day 5 Monsters Inc might take longer it depends on if you have to wait for the next show or not. I would add an extra 15 mins break after it and that allows a bathroom/ juice break also.
Day6 2hrs is too short for a rest it will take 30 mins to get back to hotel from park but I notice there is some free time showing at 7 dwarfs before you leave I think?

Overall you have put a lot of thought into this and your tp are not overly full. Be prepared to be flexible on the day and add in juice/ bathroom breaks every 90 mins or so. You might struggle to return to parks after breaks (depending on you kids ages) but you will find out what suits your family. Some kids need longer naps or won’t leave the pool or just need more down time,my kids are older but if toddlers would be looking at 4 hrs out of the parks before returning.I have found using tp as a guide works but being flexible is the key,

Hope you have a great time Mx

Thank you so much @mumcalsop for your feedback! It is just me, DH, and DD7. I should have put that in the first post as I’m sure it would have helped:)

I’m hoping we will be first in line for Merida! We made it there at RD last summer and we were first in line. Made it out by 9:18 am which was probably not the norm lol. So I do need to keep that in mind that characters sometimes run late.

For the AK day, I am definitely being a bit ambitious for the morning I know… I may end up pushing TS and PW to the afternoon since lines typically are not long for those if we are running off schedule or arrive late (which is possible since the night before we are seeing Frozen fireworks). At CS, I don’t think DD will want to do much there except the characters. She didn’t even want to go last time so we skipped it completely. But I do need to allow more time in case she decides miraculously she wants to stay. I forgot there is a walk too to get there from the train station. Pocahontas will be priority I think and then CS only if time allows.

On day 6, I sort of threw in Dream Along with Mickey after our break as sort of a time holder. I don’t know that we will actually watch it then and realizing the time to get back to resort and then back again, we will probably head back right after riding 7dmt which may get us back earlier.

Thanks for the reminder on bathroom breaks! I end up being the one needing to stop more than my DD lol!

Seriously thank you again!!! It helps to have the feedback!

Starting to second guess my plans… Anyone else feel like they have to keep adjusting things as you get closer to the trip???

Anyone else care to look at my plans:)?