Who wants to help me plan my AO trip?

Who wants to help me plan my trip? I’m super excited! DH and I have decided to book the GF for 3 nights to celebrate our anniversary! The goal of the trip is to relax and enjoy some of the “more adult” things on property that we don’t usually get to do with our 4 very young kids! I would love your help in narrowing down my list. Please choose your top 5 picks from my list and place them in order of how important you think they should be. We will have a TIW card as well. Thanks so much and can’t wait to hear all the opinions!

Dinner at Boathouse
Brunch at Cali Grill
Dinner at Citricos
Dinner at Narcoossee
HBD patio (drinks and apps)
Flying Fish Dinner
Jiko Dinner
Monsieur Paul Dinner
Drinks and Apps at Blue Zoo
Drinks and Apps at Pub at Rose and Crown with Piano Player
Dinner at Tiffin’s or Drinks and Apps at Nomad (which one?)
Territory Lounge
Tambu Lounge or Trader Sams (which one?)
Tea at the Garden View Lounge

  1. Jiko Dinner
  2. Drinks and Apps at Blue Zoo

These are not only my top two Disney food experiences, but my favorite two meals of all time, so – I personally put these above everything else. My 40th birthday, and very magical.

Haven’t done the others on your list (yet!). :slight_smile:

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My favorite topic!

  1. Jiko
  2. Drinks and app at BlueZoo
  3. Trader Sam’s - you can start on the patio
  4. Dinner at Tiffins (but I have had bad luck with service at Nomad)
  5. Boathouse (then Raglan for late night drinks and entertainment)

I cannot believe our top two are the same!

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Jiko was very special for me. The amount of service we had, the amazing food, and then a custom Steamboat Willie cake they brought out. A++.

BlueZoo is one of Lou Mongello’s favorite places, else I would have practically no idea the place existed.

I had the Swedish Fish cocktail to start things off right – recommended.


Brunch at Cali Grill
Brunch at Cali Grill
Brunch at Cali Grill :wink:

I have been to Jiko many times, but not enough. I am partial to the Zooberry but I enjoy the Swedish Fish too.

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@bethro23 - You only used three slots for Brunch @ Cali Grill … Guess it’s only a three-slot lunch, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I just saw that. My bad:
4. Probably Brunch at Cali Grill and
5. Honorable mention goes to Brunch at Cali Grill

In all seriousness, I have been to Flying Fish, Tiffins and Territory Lounge and loved the 3 of those. Looking forward to Jiko and Boathouse next trip AND Cali Grill Brunch again


So … what’s your favorite actual FOOD for brunch @ Cali Grill? Photos are also acceptable (it’s why Instagram exists, IMHO).

well its been 2 years and sadly did not take pics of the food. All the breads, all the buffet stuff (of course it’s all you can eat of this stuff - but save room) for entree I had the eggs benedict, and my husband actually ordered 2 entrees - grilled hangar steak and the omelet, endless mimosas and then they bring you a sampling of desserts. It’s one price and all you can eat, but the best part to me was the relaxing atmosphere and the service was outstanding - we were there for 2 hours!!! I was definitely in a food coma afterwards (or maybe that was the 3 mimosas :star_struck:) We were there for our 30th anniversary and left to go home afterwards. If you are staying though, you can save your receipt and go back to watch HEA from roof top. It’s only offered on Sundays. Google the brunch and you will find lots of pictures.

When I asked a foodie friend that is at WDW a lot which he would recommend between Citricos, Narcoossees and California Grill…he told me to go to Artist Point. Not that he dislikes the others, he just REALLY likes AP.

Of course, we then decided to not go as “fancy” for our dinner and are ending up at Grand Floridian Cafe. :smile:

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Of the experinces you’ve listed, I’ve not done them all, certainly.

My priorities would be

  1. Flying Fish. Been several times, does not disappoint.
  2. Trader Sams. Possibly the most unique lounge on property, and the vibe is fantastic. Downside is that it’s not huge; upside is no kids allowed after 8PM. Great for Day-of-Arrival when you have a late dinner reservation.
  3. Tiffins/Nomad Lounge. Honestly, they’re each worth your time. Maybe start off with a drink and an app at Nomad right before your Tiffin’s reservation? You can always send one person to check in mid-stream during your Nomad time for Tiffins.

Honestly, I don’t think you’ve got anything terrible on your list. I think the bottom of my list to try to get to would be HBD and GVL. But that’s based on my personal tastes.

Whatever you choose from this list, I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time.

The only one I tried was HBD and it was so good! Four of us got four different apps and main course and we all raved about our food. Also, it is so calm and beautiful inside the restaurant! You feel like you went to the old Hollywood times.

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Thanks so much for all of the input! I really appreciate it! So much to do, so little time! I guess the great thing about being 2 adults is we can sort of wing it where we need to!