Who wants to critique my plans for our week in WDW?

I think I have a pretty good plan, but always looking to improve.
Me/wife, 2 daughters (17 and 13), 2 grandparents
It’s been 7 years since our last trip, so I didn’t have to deal with FP then. I have a few overlapping ADRs until we commit to all the FP.

June 9th-17th

Saturday - Epcot

Meet Disney Pals 4:20
FEA 5:50
Mission Space 8:25 (hoping for breakdown and get free FP)
Via Napoli 4:30 or 7:15
Rose and Crown 8:00 (possible Illumination viewing)

Sunday - MK

Will RP Space Mtn
Peter Pan 12:05
Seven Dwarfs 1:05
Ench Tales w/ Belle 2:10
BOG 11:40 or 12:35

Monday - Studios (Toy Story is closed)

RnR 9:05
TZTT 10:05
Star Tours 11:05
Sci-Fi 1:00

Tuesday - Epcot

Will RD Soarin
Nemo 9:10
Test Track 11:05
Mission Space 12:05
Garden Grill PPO 8:00 (then Soarin)

Wednesday - AK

Will RP Navi River
Kilimanjaro 9:40
Everest 10:45
FOP 7:00
no ADRs

Thursday - MK

Seven Dwarfs 9:45
Splash 11:15
BTMRR 12:15
Crystal Palace PPO 8:00
BOG PPO 8:15

Friday - AK

Kilimanjaro 9:15
FOP 11:15
Kali 1:00
no ADRs

Saturday - MK

Seven Dwarfs 9:10
Ench Tales w/ Belle 10:10
Haunted Mansion 11:20
Crystal Palace PPO 8:00
BOG PPO 8:20

No Spaceship Earth? I’d book that for my first day. Don’t waste a FPP hoping a ride will break down (not a bad strategy if you’re done with a park for the day however but nothing to make plans over).

Also, 2 FPP’s for Enchanted Tales with Belle?? Do you love Beauty and the Beast THAT Much! I think once is more than enough especially with teenagers. I’d move that FPP on Sunday to something else that morning so you can book a 4th fast pass in the afternoon if it were me. (Maybe Pirates in the morning if you’re hoping for an anytime FPP :wink:

I see you have two mornings with both CP and BOG (trying to decide which one to keep?). MK opens at 9, and everyone can enter Main Street USA at 8:00. CP is part of Main Street, and not beyond the ropes at the hub. It will not give you any advantage for rides the way BOG can. But maybe you just like it for breakfast, anyhow.

My oldest ((10) is younger than your youngest but she was disappointed with Enchanted Tales with Belle. It seems really great for kids up to age 6 or so; sure your girls want to do it? DD was oldest there at even 10 I think.

Your teens might like SM more than 7DMT unless they are thrill seekers? Mentioning just since you have it in so much. We loved it but it is much tamer

The first night in Epcot is our arrival day, so we probably will spend most of time in World Showcase and not use a 3rd FP.

Beauty and the Beast is a favorite of the family, but one of those will probably get changed.


Yes, one of the PPO breakfasts will get cancelled.
We did the 8:00 reservation so we will be able to get down Main Street before most others (for some photos), not so much for rides.

Thanks !

Thanks for the feedback on ETwB.
We’re doing 7DMT a couple times since it’s new.

With a breakfast ADR, you should be able to enter about 7:45, no matter which place is your ADR. But everyone else can enter Main Street at 8:00. It’s only 15 min, but maybe that’s enough.

For us, it’s been a tradition for the last 30 years to bypass spaceship earth on the way in and hit it very last thing before leaving the park at almost closing. At that time, we’ve always just walked right on!