Who Run the World?!…A trip report

This time next week I should be at the Expo for Princess Weekend and I am so freaking excited!!! I’m going to be worthless this whole next week.

Normally, I am traveling with these cute traveling buddies :point_down:t3::point_down:t3::point_down:t3:

But this trip I am 100% SOLO, BABY.

My trip looks like this:

Friday - Flight departs DFW @ 7 am, land at MCO at 10:30. Expo, MK, Skipper Lunch, Enchanted Dessert Party
Saturday - 10K, HS, Oga’s Topolino’s Terrace dinner
Sunday - Half Marathon, AK, WAT, Sacred Spaces, Jiko Dinner
Monday - Topolino’s breakfast, Epcot, Space 220 lunch
Tuesday - fly home before the sun rises

I’m staying BWV in a studio. Garden view Friday/Saturday and Boardwalk Sunday/Monday night.

Mainly posting this for accountability for this next week - Goals are a few easy runs, lots of stretching and ice, nutrition and water intake locked in!

Can’t wait to be home!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


My stomach is jealous of your stomach’s future.


What a fantastic itinerary you have!

My only question is about the dessert party the night before the 10K - not too late? What time will you be up on Saturday?

Can’t wait to follow along!


What is sleep at Disney?! :joy:

Enchantment is at 8. I’ll grab a plate (maybe two) after. I don’t plan to linger long. Hoping to be back at BWV around 10. I know that isn’t early enough but I can run on less than optimal sleep for a day or two.


Winter storm warning here in DFW for Thursday! They keep lowering the high temp for Thursday and I was getting nervous that Thursday flight delays would roll over into Friday and I’d end up missing the expo.

So this morning I switched my flight from Friday morning to tomorrow afternoon! I’ll hit up the expo and DS Thursday and now get a full day in MK Friday! :partying_face:


EXCEPT for runDisney weekends, it’s not.

But if you’re facing some super early morning miles? It is a must. Seriously. Don’t discount this. You’ll have a big sad.


Fair point. I’m considering skipping out on the DP now….we’ll see if reason wins out over desire.

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Snagged dinner at Topolino’s tomorrow! And dessert at Beaches and Cream! Yay! Gonna drop the ADR I had for Topolino’s Saturday as it’ll allow me to head to bed earlier in front of the Half Sunday!


Ugh. Y’all pray my flight doesn’t get delayed and that it stays clear until later today!! We are so woefully unable to deal with this. Lots of schools closed this morning before anything fell from the sky. Pretty sure we have PTSD from last year’s storms.

Departure time currently scheduled for 2:38! :pray:t3::grimacing:




Flight was cancelled. Grabbed a seat on one scheduled to leave at 1:18. Delayed until 3:20.

Planes seem to be landing currently so they must have runways good to go as of now. Trying to decide if we should gamble and wait as more ice approaches or ditch and drive south and try to fly out of Hobby in Houston tomorrow.


Oh no…

Start driving???


At what point do you have to make the decision to drive or not?

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I wouldn’t delay. With weather moving in within hours, it would be wise to get out ahead of it.

Those southern states get socked in quite easily…


We are out of the woods as far as ice is concerned pretty quickly outside of DFW. I figure my flight either gets the green light or is cancelled. It won’t get delayed again. So I think by the time we know for sure on my flight we’ll have time to leave before more ice hits.

It wasn’t forecasted to hit at all this morning but we got just enough to ice everything over. :persevere:

What really sucks is the worst of it hits overnight and tomorrow am and the high is only mid-30s. So nothing will melt and i imagine getting out Friday morning will be a hot mess.

Houston is currently getting rain maybe? But they won’t dip below 40.


Boo! This front hit faster than anyone guessed. I’m so sorry! It’s just lightly raining off and on here.

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That’s really all it’s done here too. We’re only like 10 miles from the airport. I think it’s just cold enough that everything froze. Maybe they had to de-ice the planes? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Have thought so many times these last few winter storms I am completely astounded that so many of you more northern folks deal with this and it DOESN’T snarl the city into a standstill. It just cripples us.


I think I’d stick it out vs driving and then possibly ending up in the same exact spot in the morning.

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They are prepared and have resources us southern states don’t have.


Magic beans or something. Magic de-icing machines.