Who knows what this is?

Who knows what this is (without googling it)?

This was taken when I was there as a kid in 1976

Here’s another pic from 1976 from inside:

And, coincidentally, almost the exact same shot from 2015:


CRT! I too ate there when it was King Stefan’s according to my Mom. I have no recollection of it, I was about 8 my first trip. :thinking:

I ate there while it was still King Stefan’s (1975).

Ha - I remember that as a kid!!!

We ate there in "82, on my first WDW trip ever. DH, my brother, and myself. It was BC - before children. I hope to someday eat there again. Thanks for the photos!

I would love to eat there again, but I refuse to pay the jacked-up prices just because there are a few “Princesses” there. For me, in a “perfect world” dinner in the castle would be signature dining, perhaps with Cinderella greeting you as you entered. But that will never happen for two reasons (1) the kitchen is not equipped for “fine” dining, and (2) CRT is a cash cow for Disney; they would never be able to make the same profit on a signature meal.