Who is your Favorite Disney Villian?

These are a couple of mine Many to choice some who is your fav??

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It is hard to pick just one!

SO true… DD11 just hates Judge Frollo and Governor Ratcliffe !!

Yzma all the way, baby!

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Ursula is my fav too. I saw The Little Mermaid at the Fox in Atlanta recently and at the curtain call she got more applause than Ariel and Eric!!

My DH says that I look like her. Lol

No mention of Gaston yet?! He’s my current favorite.

Scar is my favorite.

Cruella! Just rewatched 101 Dalmations & she cracked me up.


I’ve been in awe of her since I was 4 years old. :fearful:


Speaking for my Dd11here (she’s the villain aficionado)…Maleficent.

Hmmm… Maleficent or Scar would be my picks, Lady Tremaine can be pretty evil as well.

Here’s a vote for Gaston. Probably the best character to interact with anywhere.

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Mine is Captain Hook, its a pirate thing.

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