Who did the artwork?

Who did the artwork? I could be MY NIECE. My niece just graduated from SCAD (Savannah college of art and design) and top of her class too. She just got a job with ThemeWorks as a scenic artist intern his summer in High Springs Florida! they do art work for Disney and Universal. I wish her Luck and Happiness in her new job.

Sorry yes I’m bragging I’m very proud but at the same time I’m not sorry.


Well done to your Neice! What an amazing adventure she’s starting on :grinning:
Brag away…:wink::grin:

Congrats to your niece!!

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My wife’s Aunt has worked almost her entire life as an artist for Disney (last I knew, she makes costumes/heads that are used in the shows and for some of the meet-and-greet characters). It can be a life-long career if your niece makes it into Disney. Best of luck to her, and congrats.


That’s sure worth a brag in my book!

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