Who are the best waiters/waitresses in Disney? πŸ˜‹

Someone on Lines suggested asking for Neil at Tusker House! Anyone else have any favorite waiters/waitresses in the World??

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This was 10 years ago, but he was a spry guy, so I'm hoping he's still around…Vinnie at Crystal Palace was probably the best server I had ever had at WDW.

Kevin at mama melrose

At Garden Grill, Joe and Ashley from See Ya Reel Soon had a waiter who sang to them. It's in a video of theirs, and soooo cool! @NotThatKevinSmith

We once had a waitress at Akershus that was so sweet with my daughter, our interactions with her turned out to be even more meaningful than the ones with the princesses (which were great!)

And once at dinner at BoG, my DD and I had the sweetest young women who answered all of DD's questions so creatively -- told us a story about how she and Chip used to sneak upstairs and eat the Beast's chocolate, and that's why he won't let anybody up to explore the other rooms in the castle anymore. DD asked, how can you have a ball in the ballroom with all this furniture, and the server answered that we have to remember it is an enchanted castle, so after the meal is over, the tables and chairs just get up and walk out to clear the room for dancing. smile


I don't know if he's still there, but Uncle Dale at 50s prime time cafe was awesomsauce.

Michael at 1900 Park Fare was very good and Rebecca from Edward AFB CA was awesome at Chef Mickey