Who all buys the Unofficial Guide?

I’m thinking about updating my UG (last one is … well, embarrassingly old). Who buys the book, and who just uses the website? What do you book buyers like about having a book? I like the book in theory, but then I just end up using the website most of the time. Was curious about how others viewed them.

I just ordered the 2017 book. Most of the information I want is on the website but I enjoy having the hard copy. My last UG was 2014 and so much has changed.

I buy the Kindle edition, not the book. I have bought the book in the past, but they’re so bulky and I never pulled out the TPs in the back anyway.

2014 book
2015 book and kindle and book for coworker living in Malaysia going to WDW
2016 book

I buy the book every year.

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3yrs in a row we’ve bought the book.

Hi All!
My Old Book is a 2015 edition and I am going to buy 2017. Thanks to another poster, I will think about a Kiddos edition, too.
I have been a stalker…reading a little now and then, but not posting. So! A big shout out to old friends as well as to the new friends I will be making. Happy Disney Dreaming!!


We get the kindle edition - easy to access and much easier to manage than the print book in the parks.

Interesting… Never thought about getting the kindle edition for some reason. Maybe a good option.

I love the physical book. I keep track of where we’ve stayed and we rate the restaurants so we remember in the future.

I bought the book this year, and it’s how I found the website.

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I just get the book from the library.

I bought the kindle version, and I regret it. Not that the information is bad or anything, it’s just the kindle version doesn’t lend itself to be jumped around in as easily as a physical copy. And for a book like this, it shouldn’t be read linearly.

As such, I pretty much haven’t utilized the guide and it was a waste of money. Though there have been a few things of interest (like the budget chart)

I buy it when we are first planning a trip. Especially since we’ve never done DLResort as a family. It’s good to peruse and leave around during initial planning period.

I buy the book occasionally, sometimes hard copy, sometimes Kindle. I pretty much know most of the information that’s in the book, from this website and others, but I love reading it because the authors are so funny the way they present their opinions and honest commentary, and reading it gets me excited about an upcoming trip or nostalgic about a past trip. I often will buy a copy for a friend or coworker who is going.

I found the book randomly in the library before our first trip and it was hugely helpful. That’s how I learned about the website. On subsequent trips, I’ve relied on the website.

I bought the book for my 2017 trip as I haven’t been to WDW in years. There’s definitely some repeat information, but I like that with a physical copy of the book I can write down notes and post-it things that I want to come back to (then again, you may want to take my opinion with a grain of salt as I was the only millenial in my summer grad school class who preferred taking notes with a notebook and not a laptop). I think it probably comes down to your personal preferences in how you want to absorb and keep track of the information you read.

Since you have the Kindle edition, try this. Put notes in spots that you want to remember, to make jumping around really easy. Think of the notes a stickies on the sides of the pages. If you give the note a quick title, it’s like making your own key to parts you want to find. Then, later, you can refer back.

Also, if you have to print anything from the book, like a plan, you can use the PC version and do a screen print, which is really handy, because sometimes you just need one or two pages for your files and you would have clipped them from the hardcopy.


I have been using successive UG’s for all my previous Disney trips but I signed up to Touring Plans this year in preparation for our next family trip in December . However, I am still browsing through the book and my grandchildren enjoy reading it so I am making use of both of them.

Good tip, thanks!