Whispering Canyon vs 50's Prime Time

We are wondering which we should choose for our upcoming visit. We have not tried either place yet and know they are supposed to be a good time. We currently have a dinner scheduled at 50s, but are considering moving things around and doing a breakfast At Whispering Canyon instead, since they both have the same style CMS.

At Whispering Canyon, can you share? My DW isn’t a big breakfast eater, so she would probably only want pancakes. MY DD will be 4 and it depends on which one shows up that morning, the eater or the player. If i were to get a skillet, and they both get pancakes, would it be frowned on to give DD a sausage if she wants it or a mickey waffle?

The semi buffet nature of the restaurant has me confused in this aspect, and the fact that the CMs have a bit more attitude.

Thanks for the info.

I didn’t think you could get breakfast at 50’s Prime Time. Their menu only shows lunch and dinner.

Sorry for the confusion, i just reread what i posted and I wasn’t clear at all, edited the post to make it more clear, i think.

We’ve eaten at both multiple times. Breakfast at WC is good, however I don’t know if you could get away with “sharing” since we’ve never ordered the skillet. I can’t see them making a big deal outta one piece of sausage for a 4 yr. old. It is WC, though and they make a big deal outta everything. :rofl:

We absolutely love Prime Time, especially the fried chicken. Being 2 southern girls, it reminds us of when our moms would make it at home.

If I were trying to pick between the two, my choice would always be Prime Time.

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