Whispering Canyon question

Has anyone ever gotten the "build your own - all you can eat" platter for dinner at WCC? the wdw website says $30. Can you share this with someone at the table for maybe an additional fee? seems like potentially too much food if each adult ordered their own. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this. Thanks!

My husband and I each ordered one in 2008. You're right, too much food. We could have shared very easily.

You can't share. We had a late ressie last week and just couldn't justify the cost (two 11 year olds don't quite need all you can eat adult meals yet). So we ordered entrees (which were still pricey, but very good) instead.

A family of 4 will have a $100+ bill, easily. Not sure it's totally worth it - the food was good, but I think there's better in that price range.

just there 2 weeks ago. went for the fun, which it was, especially for my Dgs4. he absolutely loved the horserace around the restaurant, so cute. we allowed the littles to just be as rascally and silly as they liked, a rare treat for them in a TS anywhere. so worth it that way.

ordered from menu, especially since 2 vegs in party. menu outside vegs ok. veg entrees made especially for us inedible. I think my son would have been happier with his food if had ordered other than the steak, definitely not worth the price.

glad we went? definitely, for the fun and nice to visit good ol WL. .

thx everyone for the input!

I've had the food all you can eat platter whenever I've been to Whispering Canyon and it is too much food, but I know that I should arrive hungry. The food is ok, but not amazing, somewhere in the middle of Disney's family style offerings ('Ohana is much better, but I like the food here more than Garden Grill). You folks who order off the menu are probably better off. I'll have to look more closely at the menu next time I'm there