Whispering Canyon dinner vs. Trails End at FW dinner

Similar to my earlier breakfast question.

Now please compare Whispering Canyon Dinner skillets with Trail’s end buffet. Prices are similar, location is similar, distance from hotel by lyft is similar. Plans have us in both locations that evening for events.

Which is a better meal? Which is tastier? Anything one is missing over the other?

Thanks as always.

The food might be a slight bit better at Whispering Canyon. TE is excellent and one of my kids favorites (we had planned to return there this year). TE is much faster but lacks the entertainment if Whispering Canyon. TE includes dessert and soda. There is 10% off TE with Disney Visa.

Not to be a downer. But right now i would not count on any buffet reopening. Unless it is made more cafeteria style where cast members dish out the food for you.

That being said I liked Trails End over Whispering Canyon

I figured that. I am a super advanced planning for next April, so we have a little bit of time for it to shake out LOL.

I am using the planning to look at budget as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know that you preferred TE. It does look very good.