Whispering Canyon Cafe

Have they changed the experience here recently?

I hear it’s quieter, no shouting.

Rikki on the Be Our Guest podcast reported that she was there recently and didn’t notice any reduction in the level of shenanigans.


Catching up on the Disney DIsh Podcasts and they mentioned it.

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I’m really interested in this because we currently have a reservation for WCC on our arrival night, but I’m considering canceling to go Geyser Point- the food looks more to my liking and it’s cheaper. If the shenanigans aren’t happening- there’s no point at all.

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I agree the whole point was the shenanigans.

Was just about to say this. Sounds like the fun is intact at this time.

GORGEOUS outdoor dining venue (can have walls down in cooler/inclement weather). Great food, service, comfortable seating and atmosphere. Quite different from WCC, but lovely.

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Aww we love the food at WCC, will go back with or without the shenanigans! :slight_smile:
Do want to try Geyser Point though!

Has anyone been to Whispering Canyon for dinner this summer (2019)? I’m wondering if it is still zaney. I’m reading mixed reviews on the boards from last summer- reports of the silliness being gone or toned down. I wonder if it is worth doing for the first time. I have three teens with me.

We were there this past December. I believe the menu has changed since then. However, you’re asking about the zany-ness.
For us, there was very little. Our waitress didn’t do anything with us. We did see some ketchup bottle piles, but that’s about it.

The food was great when we went, though! So, assuming the menu change is decent, it’s probably still worth going.

Update for future planners…
There were fun servers and silly things going on. I would say that if you enjoy getting into the fun, you will probably enjoy this restaurant. I think the closer you sit to the center, the more likely you are to enjoy the silliness at other tables as well. There were some tables by a fireplace and around a corner that were both quiet and dark. I would not have wanted to sit there.
The food was great.

Love WCC! You’re right, that seating area tucked away around the corner is cozy but not fun.