Whirlwind December Adult Trip

DH has a (not yet cancelled) December conference in Orlando that he’s planning to attend. I’m hoping to fly up and meet him on a Tuesday night. We currently have reservations at POP for Wed-Friday. It’s time to plan and I am struggling with the time crunch of a short trip.

I’m feeling pretty solid about Wed at AK, nice dinner (thinking Jiko, but open to similar fine dining experience).

But then I have two options I’m teetering between.

  1. Right now I’m leaning towards quiet day Thurs, maybe an ADR at Trattoria al Forno or Ale and Compass, and hitting up MVMCP that night. I picked Thursday for the party because it’s still a weeknight and maybe lower crowds?
    But THAT has us getting up early Friday morning for HS. Who needs sleep? Insane idea?
    Considering leaving HS before park close to possibly make a 10pm flight home. Is that ridiculous?

  2. Should I just flop my Thursday/Friday to go spend Thursday at HS, party Friday night, and fly home Saturday morning? This seems more balanced. Alternatively, we could just spend three days in the parks, hitting up HS Thursday, MK Friday, leave at 6 pm close and fly home. But MVMCP seems like a reasonable swap for a full park day.

In the scheme of things, one extra night of hotel doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this trip has already expanded by a park day and a night.

If I knew DH would be free Tuesday night, I’d consider flying in earlier and moving my party night to then, but I’m working with the information I have right now (which isn’t much). Maybe I should book an earlier Tuesday flight just in case?

Anyone have an insight to share to help me land on a plan?

Does DH care if you go to the party and he doesn’t? If he doesn’t care, I would plan to go solo and then later if plans change, you can always add him. If he would be heartbroken that you went without him, I would do the plan with the Friday night party.

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If I went without him Tuesday he’d be unhappy since it is also his birthday. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I won’t make any decisions on the idea that the Thursday party is less busy than the Friday party.

Ahhhhh! Yes, then definitely don’t go without him!