Which would you choose?

My husband and I are planning an adults only trip to WDW in 2016. We are considering renting DVC points for the first time. We have narrowed it down to 2 resorts we would like to stay at. If you had to choose would you choose AKL-Savannah view or WL- studio? And why did you choose it? TIA

AKL!! I likes them animals!! Sorry, not helpful, I know. But I LIKES THEM ANIMALS!!!

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AKL! It is the most amazing resort!

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We just did that same thing in Nov and stayed at AKL. SPECTACULAR! I think it’s the only deluxe that I will stay in…


Well, I’m going to buck the trend and go with VWL. It is a spectacular resort, and we found the the themeing there much more authentic - IMO when they designed AKL they just took the general VWL design and threw “African” stuff all over it.

Bonuses include easy access to MK via the ferry, and WDW’s oldest parade, the Electrical Water Pageant.

WL get’s a lot of love so neither choice will be a bad one, however, I’m on the AKL train. We just stayed there for the first time in November and it was amazing. The rooms were very comfortable and it was so fun to sit out on the balcony and watch the animals.

AKL. That view is going to be really really cool. Plus easy access to zebra domes.

Haven’t done either, but have seen both resorts. AKL is beautiful, and newer, but I would still go for Wilderness.

Why??? Close to Magic Kingdom, access to ferry, can watch water pageant, can see wishes from the beach. For me I could almost spend my entire time in the MK, so I would want to be closest to it.

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I can’t speak to AKL, but we stayed in a 1BR at VWL November at it was spectacular. The theming was incredible, the bus stop was super close, and MK was RIGHT there. If planning more Epcot time I’d do BWV/BCV. Can’t wait to try AKL sometime.
Sounds like a great decision to have to make!