Which would you choose: HS EMH CL6 but no SD FP+ or HS CL7 with FPs?

Hi Liners,
I have a dilemma. We are looking to go to WDW in January for a long weekend and crowd levels are average. I was hoping to take advantage of HS EMH (am) with a crowd level of 6 but the FP projections have Slinky Dog distribution gone already. My TP has us waiting in a bunch of long lines as a result. Even with Toy Story FP+. Alternatively, the next day has plenty of FPs for SD but is a higher CL (a 7).

Any suggestions from the insiders?

The difference between a 6 and 7 is not that significant, especially with a good touring plan. I’d take the SDD FP.


Agree with @kerrilux plus the CL predictions are not that precise…a good plan and a good fastpass management are the 2 most important things IMO


Thanks @kerrilux & @jflaff ! I agree with you. I started thinking about it about more after I wrote down the question and it makes more sense to go with the SDD FP and a good plan rather than the extra hour.


Also, there is always more people in an EMH park than in a non-EMH park. Don’t get me wrong EMH is good if your family is composed of morning people but even using EMH a lot of people will hop to another park once the crowds come in.

Our family is composed at 100% by totally-non-morning people who get grumpy if they don’t sleep enough LOL so we never use morning EMH and we always avoid EMH parks…


Ended up changing the day to a non-EMH day but still didn’t get a FP for SDD. I guess I need to figure out a better TP strategy.

SDD FP is a tough one to get. Can you get your crew up early enough to rope drop EMH at DHS? Then you could leave DHS after EMH for another park (if you have hoppers).

I never could get a FP for SDD. On our last visit, we waited standby for it twice and we thought it was worth it. The rest of our FPs and our TP were good so it was a minor problem to us. Of course that was before Galaxy’s Edge opened so it might be different now…