Which week?

My husband has to turn in next yes vacation requests today. He decided Sun that he wants to go to wdw next dec!!! Which week do you recommend? 12/3-9 or 12/10-16 2017
Dec3-9 has lower hotel prices but its pop warner week. Dec 10-16 prob has free dining but hotel will cost more. From what I have looked at crowds are about the same for either week. Are there any special events either week? I’m glad he wants to go but I like to have time to do research! Thanks

Realistically - I don’t think it matters much park wise. Both will be about the same level of busy in the parks. Pop Warner would impact you if you are staying All-Star as all the kids will be there - I’d avoid that. Park wise, they are typically participating in their events much of the week so it’s not like they jam the parks. You’ll see various groups touring in between games, but that’s about it. Free Dining vs. higher room rates likely cancel at best. Most think you can get better room discounts than $ saved on free dining it seems, but it depends somewhat on your exact situation.

For me, I’d probably figure out what else you’ll be doing in December and adjust my schedule based on that. If you’re traveling for the Holidays as well, being gone through the 16th back & then gone again immediately could be an issue as you’ll have no time to get anything done at home…


Thank you very much for your advice!