Which week in November 2019?

Hi! I’ve lurked here for a long time and successfully planned two trips in 2018 (May and October). We’re trying to plan a trip for November 2019 and have narrowed it down to two dates that work with our schedules. FYI - travel party is me, DH, DD1 (will be 3.5) and DD2 (will be 5 months).

11/2-11/9 - Jersey Week (no idea if this makes crowds terrible or not), no Christmas stuff yet, shorter park hours?
11/17-11/24 - week before Thanksgiving, Christmas in full swing, possible high crowds?

When I look at the TP crowd calendar there isn’t much of a difference in crowds between the two. Undercover Tourist shows that the third week will be significantly more crowded. Any insight? I think we’ll be fine with either week (especially with a plan) but wanted to see what others think.

Really? That’s not what I see when looking at the UT crowd calendar. Or, do you mean 11/17-11/24? That’s the third week of November, not second. Just clarifying.

Any chance you can do the week immediately following Thanksgiving? That weeks tends to have much lower crowds historically and the holiday stuff is in full swing.

Yes, the third week. Sorry for the confusion!

That was our original plan but we’re trying to squeeze this trip in before the end of my maternity leave and I’ll be back to work by then. I don’t think my boss would appreciate me taking a week of vacation after being off for 6 months :grinning:

For weather, I’d go with 11/2-11/9. I’ve read a few sites that say Jersey Week doesn’t really have a huge impact. 11/2-11/9 is still swimming weather, but can get dicey as the month goes on.

I normally try to go 1st or 2nd week of Nov for “lower” crowds and weather. I’ve only seen patches of Jersey Week crowds on the last few days of my stays, so I can’t comment on if J week is a big deal. I kinda don’t think it is.

Also, If Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is open, you’re probably hosed. Not sure if there’s an actual date yet, or if it’s still just “Fall.”

Yeah, good point about Star Wars. I would like to avoid that if at all possible so I’m leaning toward the first week (probably lower chance it’s open).

Good to hear you haven’t seen a big difference during Jersey Week. That’s the main thing putting me off about that week.

I’m going hopefully 11/12-11/21. TP just lowered the CL for those days markedly.

I’m going the week after this and I am getting progressively more and more nervous that SW:GE will be opening when we’re there… eeeeeeek.

But Star Wars GE may change that …