Which water park?

Hi - firstly I wanted to say thanks for all the great tips and advice I’ve had from this site. We are half way through our first trip to WDW and having an amazing time.

The heat and the amount of walking is taking its toll though so we are thinking of taking a break tomorrow and heading to a water park.

Any tips on which park to pick ? I have a two girls, 7 and 5, they both swim but are not particularly strong swimmers and are a little on the timid side.

Any other water park tips ? What time should we aim to get there ? How long should we plan for ?

Thanks for any help

I have never been to a water park but I am hoping to move your question to the “latest” thread.

I would go with Blizzard Beach. No worries about the wave pool and they have a couple of great play areas.

Definitely Blizzard Beach. We think this park is perfect for those ages/skill level. Wave pool is gentler, lazy river is shallower, better family ride, and a great intermediate play area.

Thanks to all - we had a brilliant day at BB. The pre-teen play area was great and we loved the family ride ! Thanks for your help.