Which TS to pay out of pocket?

Would you guys help me figure out which TS to pay OOP? We have Hollywood and Vine lunch, Cape May dinner, Ohana dinner, Whispering Canyon Dinner and Chef Mickey breakfast. Thanks for any help!

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are you on the Disney Dining Plan? I would say to maximize your TS credits with the DDP make sure you use them for the most expensive of those meals.
Price everything out and maybe pay OOP for the one that’s likely to be the cheapest. (That’s what I’d do anyways…)


can someone please share the link to the excel that tells you pricing and recommends Dining, QS, or OOP after you enter your dining selections and preferences? I have a new computer and do not have all of my saved links.

I’m interested in that link as well. Thanks!

http://www.distripplanner.com/ this will tell you put in your choices and open the right choice at the bottom


Thank you kindly.

I would guess either the lunch or breakfast is best for paying oop. Dinner is more expensive usually. But do look at menues and figure it out.

Since almost all of your choices are buffets there is a fixed cost. Whispering Canyon is the only restaurant that has the potential to be “cheaper” than the others. If I was paying out of pocket, that is the one I would do.