Which TS to pay for OOP?

My husband and I are faced with the need to pay for one of our TS meals OOP (we will have the DDP for the others). Of the meals we are planing, which makes the most sense to pay OOP for?

Whispering Canyon
Chefs de France
Garden Grill
Teppan Edo
50’s Prime Time
Yak & Yeti TS
Crystal Palace
Chef Mickey’s Breakfast

Here is a great resource for figuring out value for credits:


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For me I would say 50s. I often split meals/apps or dessert there.

My thoughts after taking @PrincipalTinker’s advice to split a meal:

50’s Prime Time:
We order the Sampler platter to share using 1 TS credit.
We get an order of onion rings to share and pay OOP for them.

Yak & Yeti:
We order whatever DH is in the mood for using 1 TS credit.
We get an order of pot stickers or firecracker shimp and pay OOP for them.

Y&Y is pretty reasonable. I would just pay OOP for that entire meal and use your credits elsewhere. That way you don’t have to worry about sharing. You never know how hungry people are going to be and you don’t want to go in expecting to split and everyone leaving unsatisfied.

Also Y&Y is a Landry’s owned restaurant so you can buy a gift card ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about having enough money once you’re there.

Does that Landrys card everyone talks about apply to this restaurant as well? Do you have any advice for that @Outer1?

Yes you can also use the Landry’s card here. If you buy that card you can skip the line and the cost of the card is used as a credit at the restaurant. But you can also just get a standard Landry’s gift card if you have an ADR and use it like any other.

I liked using the giftcard because it was one more thing I could pay for before the actual trip.

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I like this idea!


My NEW and IMPROVED plan:

Get the Landry’s select card with a birthday in November. Pay $25 but get $50 in rewards at the time of travel. Pig out at Yak & Yeti using our points and use the TS credits at 50’s.

Hooray for liners! You have solved my debacle in a great & cost efficient way!


You can also get discount Landry’s giftcards on sites like Raise.com. I did that before my last trip and saved almost 20% on the GC then got a Landry’s card and used the rewards. Worked like a charm and we bypassed a 90 minute wait for both T-Rex and Rainforest at Disney Springs.