Which touring plan do we look at for a family of tweens AND little kids? Ages 10, 8, 6 and 4.5

We are traveling as a family of 6 in November. Our kids will be 10, 8, 6 and almost 5. The youngest is already 40.5” and will hopefully reach 44” before our trip. Which touring plans should we be looking at…little kids or tweens? Do we mesh them together?

I would try to customize your own and optimize. Choose the attractions that are a priority first and then fill in other attractions as time allows. If you don’t like the order that optimize gives you, then change it and just evaluate. It will give you approximate wait times. My kids were 9 and 6 last trip and the plans I customized myself were the ones that worked best for us.

The other option is to try the plans that use most of the attractions. It also looks like MK has one for the whole family.


I’d pick either one, and then copy it and adjust the copy to include all the attractions you will do. Alternatively you can start from scratch.