Which Single Rider lines are good?

At WDW there is a really good SR line (EE) and a really bad SR line (RotR). Which ones are good at DLR?

Space Mountain is a good one, as is Indiana Jones if they are allowing single riders. Incredicoaster (at DCA) is often almost as long as the regular queue, so we only use it if it’s short and the regular line is long. We also tend to use single rider on Radiator Springs Racers (DCA) quite a bit. The other single rider options are Splash Mountain, Millenium Falcon, and Goofy’s Sky School (also DCA). I could be missing some?


YouTube seems to indicate that Matterhorn also has a Single Rider line, is that the case?

Thanks for the tips! I will definitely be using the SR line at Space and I will ask about Indiana Jones (is that the way to know if the ride is open). If I end up getting a park hopper I will try it at Radiator Springs Racers as well.

Matterhorn does too. Haven’t used other single rider lines enough to have an educated opinion, but one member of our group missed out on Matterhorn the first time around and used single rider. It was so quick that by the time we had corralled the kids to star tours he was able to catch back up to us.


I knew I was forgetting at least one! Yes, Matterhorn is usually a good one to use single rider as the regular line can be quite long.

Ask the CM at the Fast Pass entrance if they are allowing single riders (for Indiana). If they are, you enter through the exit line. If they say no, check back later unless the regular line is not long or you decide to get a FP.

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I tried to use single rider on Matterhorn on my last trip and they told me it would be longer than the regular line. I think they tend to police most of the lines that way so you can’t join if it’s too long (which is good). Otherwise, I second @Julianne_fki’s suggestions. Incredicoaster is the least reliable option, but its regular line is often manageable all day until around dusk.

MFSR is also a great option for SR.

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Later in the day when we had already locked up FP’s for Radiator Springs and Toy Story, we found that Incredicoaster usually had close to an immediate FP return time. So we’d use FP on it and walk right on, even if it was only a 20 minute return time. Once scanning in we could immediately pick another FP anyway. Hardly anyone else was using FP for it…my older daughter loves that ride so it was nice to ride it over and over with literally no wait.


The SR lines at DLR do save you time. But unlike at WDW, SR lines aren’t always available except for RSR & MF which are newer rides. Our experience at WDW, TT has the worst SR line without accounting for SWGE attractions.

Grizzly River Run also has single rider.

On my trip this past September, the best SR lines were Radiator Springs Racers and Matterhorn. Both were faster than FP.

Splash Mtn was also pretty quick. Space Mtn was very slow, but I think that one was just bad luck.

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Yes, of course, Grizzly! I will only ride when it’s warm so don’t always think of this one. However, we have a strategy where we bring or buy one poncho and take turns doing the single rider line. LOL That way we all can stay relatively dry. This is also why I really like the Splash Mountain single rider line. You almost always ride in the very back of the log and that seems to be the driest spot. I don’t like walking around in wet clothes!!