Which section at CSR?

We’re taking a quick trip next week and staying at CSR. I’ve stayed there once in a preferred room in casitas. We have a standard room this time and I can’t decide which section to request. I’d like to try something new - so which section? Cabanas or Ranchos? We won’t be there during the day, so I’m not worried about construction. Thanks!

Following along to hear what others suggest. I’m doing my first solo trip in February and CSR was the only moderate resort available to book. I haven’t ever stayed here so I’m a bit nervous giving it a go for the first time on my own. I read a post from several years ago that mentioned that the Casitas was near bus stop 2 which picks up first for the parks. I’m hoping to nab a room there…or for a reservation at Pop Century to become available before I go!

Ranchos! We have stayed there 3 times, all in Ranchos. Very quiet, and we love the dry desert look of that section.

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We stayed there several years ago. Ranches is the one section we thought we didn’t want, but it’s what we got. We ended up loving it! Pictures don’t do it justice. I think I would especially like it now that the tower is going up on the other side of the lake.

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Check out this post:

@PrincipalTinker just stayed at CSR and provides current insights.

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We stayed in Ranchos 7A this past February. We got room 7134 I think it is and it was literally 40 yards from the bus stop, it was great! Now, it’s a long way from the main area, El Centro, but with the walkways over the lake opening up sometime next year that should cut down on walking time to the front. But we really enjoyed being in Ranchos 7A. The bus stop was the second stop in the resort for Theme Park Buses and the third stop for the Disney Springs buses so we didn’t have an issue with buses being full.