Which rides to FP in the parks? PLEASE HELP!

My FP deadline is coming up and I’m trying to figure out what to pick for FP especially in MK. There r 4 of us 2 kids 2 adults. In MK I know 7DMT is more than likely a FP choice, but what else? Peter Pan? Winnie the Pooh? Haunted mansion? Epcot soarin or frozen? HS toy story mania and what else?AK FOP good luck right !!! So what else ? Please help with any ideas

In MK, Peter Pan and one of the Mountains.
In EPCOT, I chose Frozen over Soarin’ because the peak wait times are higher for Frozen.
In HS, it depends on if you like ToT and RnR.

It all depends on age of the kids and how adventurous everyone is. Even as a kid, my brother and I were rollercoaster junkies. Now, we stick to the mountains for FP’s in MK. With little ones, Peter Pan would be a good choice. Winnie the Pooh has a good interactive queue, so waiting in line isn’t bad for the kids. In EPCOT it all depends on your priorities. If your kids are Frozen fans, get FEA. If not, Soarin’ is a good choice. If they are ride junkies like I was/am, then Test Track is great. Star Tours is a must for us at HS, but it may not be for you if your not a Star Wars fan. We love Everest at AK, but again we love rollercoasters.

This all depends on what attractions you want to do and on what days. Make Personalized Touring Plans and optimize them to help you determine what your best FPP options will be to help minimize your time spent in lines.

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A lot depends on kids ages and if all rides are in play or some thrill rides are out. And do you plan on either any pre-RD ADRs or rope dropping any parks? Given it’s coming up I presume your trip is early December’ish?

Here are my suggestions:
MK - 7DMT is likely the only must have. Then the other mountains are your best bets - I’d go Space then Big Thunder. In early December, depending on weather Splash likely won’t be terrible waits (if it’s re-opened by then - don’t recall it’s closure dates offhand). If you want to do Peter Pan and won’t be Rope Dropping it, it is another good candidate as it is a terrible wait due to it being a slow loader. I wouldn’t ride it again without a FP, although my understanding is it is a great queue to see now - but it’s more an old school DIS tradition than an awesome ride. Other solid FPs that would be good to get day of FP would be Pirates, Haunted Mansion & Winnie the Pooh.

AK - FOP is the obvious choice. If you can’t get it, then get Navi River Journey, but FOP is the one you want. After that Safari & Everest are the priorities followed by Dinosaur and Primeval Whirl. You might consider a FP for River of Lights if you aren’t doing a package ADR and want to see it. You don’t really need FP for any of the shows unless you’re going Thanksgiving week. Kali lines won’t be bad that time of year thanks to it likely being cooler. Depending on schedule, Everest is often easy to get on at night as everyone is doing the ROL or Pandora.

HS - Toy Story & Rock N Roller Coaster are the 2 to consider from the A tier. If you can rope drop one then do the other. RNRC does have a single rider line if the kids are old enough which can help as well. Waits at Toy Story aren’t as bad allegedly with the 3rd track either so if you had a worst case wait on one, that’s probably the better wait I guess. From the B tier I’d always go Star Tours & Tower of Terror right now. If you want to do Fantasmic! the ADR package is wise.

Epcot - You only get to pick one of Frozen, Test Track or Soarin’ for FP. I’d probably lean Frozen as it’s a slow loader comparitively. Test Track has single rider and Soarin’ has the extra screen now - I’d rope drop one of them then hit the other as best bet. Spaceship Earth is the obvious B choice with I guess Mission:Space the other selection. Most of the rest of the options you don’t need FP for (unless your trip is Thanksgiving week) so you can pick whatever from them and be OK…