Which rides should you bypass EP to experience the line?

I am going to Universal June 29 thru July 1. I will have DH and 3 DSs, 10, 6 and 3, with me. We have EPs, but I know that some of the rides have great line theming which really sets the scene. Which rides do you think are worth bypassing the Express line to see the entire main line and get the background of the ride? Obviously, I would rather have a shorter line with 3 children, but I also want to fully appreciate the ride, as this may be our first and only trip.

For the most part, the queues at UOR are not of the same quality as WDW. Forbidden Journey and Gringott’s are exceptions, but they are not part of RP anyway. The queue for Dragon Challange is pretty cool, but not sure you plan on that with the kids, and if it’s the difference between 5 min and 45, I’d skip it anyway. Hulk and Spiderman are pretty cool, but again for me not worth an extra 45 min or so to see them.

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From TouringPlans: It’s worth noting that, while almost all the Express queues are themed, in a few cases (Revenge of the Mummy and MEN IN BLACK at USF; Doctor Doom’s Fearfall and Dragon Challenge at IOA) they sacrifice significant scenic elements and story set-up that the standby line sees.

For us, we did Express Pass for all of these and while I don’t necessarily disagree with the above, the kids and I enjoyed these rides just fine. I’d say if there is a 5 - 10 minute wait for standby, it may be worth it to check out the full queue but I don’t think it’d be worth it for much longer than that. Men In Black, in particular, does have a pretty fun lead up to the ride which we missed using Express. I was totally ok with that, though, along with missing the 35 minute wait.

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We are HP OBSESSED and DS10 is tall enough, so we will definitely be going on Dragon Challenge. That is one line I was seriously considering, so thank you for the input! Good to know about Men In Black. Thanks!