Which rides only two ppl or only one

I am not a thrill seeker and am a bit scared scared of rides. I will do easy rides like Peter Pan’s Flight but not 7 dwarfs. My question for you is which rides can my husband only take one of our kids at a time and not both at once?
I want both my kids to enjoy all the rides.

Just to be sure, you’re interested in rides that both kids and your husband will fit together? At the same time.

Will both your kids met the height restrictions?

I think this recent thread may cover most of your questions

This is a bit dated so there are new rides and a few don’t exist but the people per vehicle is the same.

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How old are your kids? If one is 7 or older, they can sit by themselves so it’s not an issue. Though they may have a stranger sitting next to them. That has never bothered me but I know it bothers many parents.

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Interested to know in general which rides fit max 2 ppl. Their heights will change by the time we go. My daughter is 9 but she may be scared not to be next to her dad.