Which Restaurants have booths/benches that a child could nap on please? Would this be possible at Sanaa or SciFi?

I think we might have one or two days where we don’t go back to the hotel in the afternoon, and I was wondering whether my DD5 could have a nap while we ate. Can you recommend any restaurants with bench/booth seating where this might be possible please? Most interested in HS & AK, in particular Sci Fi Dinner & Sanaa please?

Sci Fi would work relatively well - nearly all the seating is in “cars” which are rows of booths plus it’s relatively dark for the movie. Sanaa looks to have booths, but you’ll have to request one and perhaps wait longer or get lucky.

Sci fi is very quiet and dark, but the seats are definitely not made for comfort. If DD5 can sleep on a shelf, she may doze off there!

I’ve been to Sanaa once but I don’t recall there being booths. There my very well be. I guess if she’s tired enough, she could nap. But, Sanaa is at Kidani Village. Did you mean AK park?

We used a stroller for DD10 until she was 8. If they let you bring a stroller into the restaurant, that would be your best bet.

I can’t imagine a 5 year old napping at any of those places - too much going on. How far off is your trip? Will she really still be taking naps then? My DD5 started kindergarten at 5 years and 3 days old (a very young 5) and they sure don’t take naps at school.

Thank you. My DD is currently 4 and hasn’t had regular naps in years, but when she is having a late night, I can still get her to nap easily either in bed or on the sofa. When she’s had a busy day I have to keep an eye on her in case she nods off before dinner, she’s the type that can sleep on the floor. Love the look of Sanaa in KV but unless I skip going back to the hotel in the afternoon, I don’t think I can fit it in.

She might fall asleep in one of the shows that is dark - little mermaid or finding nemo maybe - I fall asleep watching TV in the dark sometimes :smile:
My nieces were definitely the type to fall asleep late afternoon whereas my DD has only done that if she were ill. Just has a lot of stamina I guess.

My DD6/7 can keep going till midnight, never naps even when DH & I do.

What about a small siesta in the lobby of AKL just before or after you eat? There are plenty of couches in there and its dim and lovely.