Which resorts do you think are the most convenient at WDW?

Curious which hotels you think are the easiest to get to all the parks.

Beach Club! Walking to Epcot and Hollywood Studios is fabulous!

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It all depends on the price your willing to pay to get a Value, Moderate, or Deluxe resort. Many of the Deluxe resorts have the easiest access to the resorts such as MK and Epcot. Moderate are closer to DS and HS as well as the water parks. The value resorts take a little longer to get to the parks but they are the best value for a family.

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+1 for beach club. We won’t stay anywhere else now. We stayed in the villas, ate breakfast in our room every morning, and made a few dinners too. After going back to the hotel and resting in the evening, it was nice to be able to go walk around Epcot at night.

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If in fact you do decide on the Beach Club, there is a restaurant at the Beach Club resort that serves a buffet style seafood dinner. Not to be missed if you love seafood and I do. Especially when your right there.

We thought POFQ was really convenient for all parks, but obviously none were walking distance.

Yacht club, swan, dolphin and boardwalk villas are also as convenient as the beach club

We’ve stayed at the beach club and swan

We use swan now as we can spend avios points and reduce our holiday cost enormously by doing so. But still get all the disney on site percs.

For convenience I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere other than near to epcot due to the food options there (which is a huge part of our holiday) and great atmosphere in the evenings in there. We love epcot at night. Need park hopper for it to work for us though which is included in UK tickets as the norm.

And obviously the added bonus that HS is so close helps as well. And boardwalk is a nice place in the evenings as well. All a short walk away whichever of those hotels you choose.

Univeral we would always stay in a deluxe there for convenience and the express pass

Seaworld and busch gardens and discovery cover etc we stay at renaissance seaworld

Those hotels also available on avios and also renaissance seaworld is by far the cheapest on points or cash and actually the best in terms of quality of all of them IMO


Although I agree with the BW area resorts I also like the Poly for the boat/monorail to MK and walk to TTC. Also, WL for the boat to MK and boat to CR. I do agree with @missoverexcited, the central location of the Port Orleans resorts make them very easy to travel to all parks and DS.


I kinda think the Contemporary has a definite advantage in the convenience category. Easy walk to MK and back, which allows you 2 bus options to just about everywhere, and 2 bus options (MK or Contemporary) if you’re leaving any park (Or 3 if you choose to go to the TTL and then take the ferry back). And of course you also have the monorail which is like an express lane to Epcot.

And if a bus just left for somewhere, there’s a good chance the bus lot over at MK has one still available.

While time and price can become a factor, for convenience of access to everywhere, I feel the Contemporary has some serious strengths.

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It will be interesting to see what the “gondola” will do for convenience.

The capacity of that will have to be extraordinary


Poly for me, especially if you have kids (if it’s in your price range). You can monorail to Magic Kingdom and Epcot and don’t need to collapse your stroller. Also of course can watch the fireworks from the resort which again is great with young kids

As said above^, kind of depends on which parks you’ll spend more time at.

We usually go 2days MK/2 EP/1HS/1AK. So that tells me any of the Epcot area hotels work best for us, for convenience sake.

If you’d spend more time at MK, then any monorail/also WL would be a good choice. A big benefit of Contemporary is being able to walk to MK, which is especially great after evening parade/fireworks. It’s also very nice seeing the Electrical Water Pageant from your hotel room, at any of those resorts. Plus IMO you have a lot more good restaurant choices from them vs the Epcot resorts.

No one park will get more time than another. Most likely one park per day. I will have tweens, so no strollers to contend with.

I don’t know why they didn’t just expand the monorail system. I’m sure it’s more costly, but I’m also sure they can afford it.

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FULLY agree

Yes and no. The monorail is obscenely expensive to build and maintain; it’s costing them a fortune just to keep the the lines that are already there operating. Based on numbers from the Las Vegas and Sao Paulo monorails (made by the same manufacturer) it’s an estimated cost of $100 million per mile to build (and some sources go as high as double the figure). A gondola system would typically cost $3-14 million per mile. There is no business model that I can imagine that would support adding more monorails.

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I’ve seen estimates of 4.500/hour; approximately half of what the monorails do.

Perhaps they will set up some circus cannon and net scheme where they “shoot” you to your resort / park of choice


Great idea

I kind of feel that’s happening to me when I go on the simpsons ride as it is!

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We stayed at the Poly and it was great, being able to get the monorail to both MK & EP was so useful and we ubered to HS & AK in the mornings. We have young kids so the proximity to MK was more important but I would love to stay at the Beachclub and be a short walk from EP. My previous research led me to believe that the All stars and Wilderness cabins took the longest to get around from/to. The smaller resorts that didn’t have internal buses or share buses with other resorts were ranked higher.