Which resort?

We have been planning to stay at Poly on our upcoming trip. We stayed CR last time and we want to change it up. I’ve been reading some pretty negative press for Poly on here and we can stay GF for a little less. Should we change?? There are 5 of us: me, my husband, and three boys, 14, 11, and 8.

I stayed at the poly in November. With my 2 kids. I thought the rooms were big. Great theming… maybe they are old looking but I just took it as the theming… my room was clean. I wasn’t a fan of the QS there but ALOT of people love it. We loved the pool there. Overall I thought it was fine and super convenient. I think the price puts people off. Because it an expensive hotel for an
Average hotel. But I take that as it’s disney and your paying to be close to MK and on the monorail.

I think with
Every hotel people will
Differ if they liked it or not.

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One more thing look st the you tube videos and see the room yours. It will show you what they are like. Then you can decide if you like it.

I love Poly. I did not have the negative experience you have read about.

That being said, on the rare occasion that GF is less than Poly, I say book it!

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I like your little poem :wink:


We stayed at poly with rented dvc points in August 2017. Studio with two queens and fold down bed, two bathrooms(one without toilet), that was recently refurbished and loved it. Gf seems a little stuffy for us. I think negative press was for dated rooms

Ha thanks— iPhone did it for me :joy:


We stay at poly last August and loved it…we loved to watch MK fireworks from the pool :slightly_smiling_face:. Rooms are a bit dark like AKL or WL which I don’t mind. The pool, resteraunts and general atmosphere are great.

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We’ve stayed at Poly twice and loved it. No complaints and so much we love about it. We will be back again this summer. I think the GF would feel very formal and not as fun to my kids compared to the Poly but you would of course know if yours might like it.

I have been somewhat vocal about the Poly. I’ll try to be helpful.

Booking the Poly was a huge mistake for me because the booking was for one night and really only as a place to sleep. I was doing DAH at MK, which finished at 1am, and I didn’t want to have to go back to my off-property house and end up going to bed well after 2am. So I took no advantage of the resort as a whole.

That particular day it was overcast and drizzling rain. So the resort didn’t look its best.

My room was on the ground floor, overlooking a courtyard. Because it was easy to look into my room, I mostly had the curtains closed. Not that there was much of a view and, as I said, it was raining.

The room itself seemed cold, gloomy, dated and drab.

And for all that I paid an astonishing £500 or so pounds. For a single night.

I’ve since stayed one night at YC — every part of which I vastly preferred — and six nights at Pop, which I also preferred.

With the single exceptions of the location, I honestly don’t get the love for the Poly. I think the whole place is mediocre and over-rated. And criminally expensive for what it is and what you get.

I would never stay there again.

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Judge for yourself.

Check out the lovely carpet. For £500 a night.

And the view:


OK. I’ll be fair. This is what it looks like when the sun is shining:

Thank you for your info. I do believe that it is @profmatt that I have read did NOT like Poly!

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Eeeew. They left someone’s dirty sneakers and luggage in your room.

No wonder it sucked :wink:


It is quite remarkable. When I look at your pictures, I think wow maybe I do want to stay there again…haha
But I fully agree the cost there is insane!

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This will likely be our last “family” trip to Disney…I don’t think I will stop going. But my husband and oldest son say this is it for them. I really want it to be great!! Maybe because I hope to change their minds? Maybe just because I’ve become obsessed with planning. Anyway, I’ve been super happy about Poly and then happened to see where we could snag a Sugar Loaf Club Level for less than our Poly club level. Now I’m unsure. Maybe I should just stay off all things Disney until it’s time to pack🤦🏻‍♀️

Really? Honestly, I’m just not seeing it. I think it’s tired and dated and scruffy and not somewhere I could ever want to stay again.


We had a great time at the Poly kids 9,7, and 4. Got a crazy deal through MVT. Our rooms were lovely but maybe because we requested a special allergy cleaning for my nephew. Ate breakfast on the patio watching the monorail go by every morning. Being on the monorail was so convienient! Loved watching fireworks from the beach (would rather have been at MK but was outvoted). Great sushi! Didn’t eat at any of the restaurants because of my nephews allergies but did get food by the pool and it was delicious! Loved the pool and may have threatened to not go home! There was a grassy area by the main pool that was always full of kids playing pick up games. It was also perfect weather and we only went to MK and AK.

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I would agree but I just see the fun we had there.

And that is why it’s so nice to have such a variety of resorts and resort types all on property!

Did you know Riviera just opened for December 2019 bookings???

Why not an epcot resort? The kids especially the oldest could have more freedom to explore that whole area.