Which Resort to Visit?

If you had 3 hours to visit a resort and eat dinner, where would you go? We’re starting our trip with a short tour of AoA’s Cars and Nemo sections and grabbing lunch there, but I can’t figure out what to do with our other free evening. I’m leaning towards the Mara at AKL. I also like the idea of watching the fireworks from the Polynesian, but the QS food doesn’t seem that interesting to us.

Mara has a good choice of food you don’t usually see in the food courts.

Or WL and Geyser Point. Take the boat there, look around, have dinner.

And you can get back to any resort by taking the boat back to MK and getting the resort bus from there.

I would definitely visit AKL. It is such a neat resort to look around. We really like going out to the animal viewing areas. There are often cast members available talk about the animals and after dark there may be night vision goggles available

We love Sanaa, but if you want quick service I have heard good things about Mara.

No ADR available for Sanaa unfortunately, but we’re taking our DS2 so TS isn’t our favorite right now. :slight_smile: I think we would all love walking around AKL!

Oh, I hadn’t considered Wilderness Lodge. We’re staying offsite, so we’d drive but I think DS2 would enjoy riding either the boat or the monorail just for fun.