Which reservations would you cancel?

So I’m over looking my dining setup and on one day I have

Boma (7:40AM)
Crystal Palace(9:45AM)
Via Napoli (1:45PM)
The Garden Grill (7:20 PM)

So it seems I got a bit carried away with my ADRs on this day. Now, I can certainly put away food when I want… but I fear for my and the safety of others if I keep all these on the same day!

Which ones would you scrap? Each has their own unique appeal, but I’m thinking I only need 2 since they’re mostly buffet and pretty well spread out.

I would go with Boma and Via Napoli, cancel CP and GG


I was going to say the same thing, but what are your plans for the day? I am assuming you are staying at AKL, rope dropping MK and then hopping to EP? Would the Boma breakfast cause you to miss rope drop at the MK? The CP reservation is just at an inconvenient time.


That was my gut feeling too (heh…puns…)

Actually, no I’m staying in the contemporary. If my plans hold, it should be a pretty relaxed morning as it’ll be my 3rd full day and first EP Day, and catching MK Rope Drop at least once prior. The only scheduled item I have is a FPP for Soarin’ at 10:45.

The biggest issue I have is Boma will require me to be on a Bus by 6:30AM in order to make my reservation if the WDW App is accurate. Not really a problem of course, just not loving the idea of spending an hour on a bus first thing in the morning.

So I think that dining is so personal! Are you with kids who will want to see the characters? Maybe just Uber over for breakfast but definitely skip CP if you weren’t planning to go to MK that day. I’m thinking outside the box a little, but are you going to be there for F&W? (I think maybe since you have FP already, but maybe not.) Then you could do Boma and GG and do F&W in between? There is SO much good food in Epcot.

That depends @Rjaniz, who are you traveling with and what kind of experience are you looking for? If your with smaller kids that need some entertainment then maybe keep the character meals. If your with grown ups looking for quality eats then keep Boma and Via Napoli.

Case and point…I think Boma has the best breakfast on WDW property while Crystal Palace is mediocre and expensive, but I ate at CP when my kids were small and we loved it because it fit our family at that time.

hahah It’s just me on a solo trip. No kids or anything and character dining is not a priority.

And I also won’t be there for F&W, but thanks for the suggestion!

Ah, Boma & Via Napoli then. Don’t bother making a special trip to MK just for CP. And, just grab something “light” for dinner if you feel like it.

Good call @OBNurseNH & @melcort10 & @Lens_number_1_Fan!

Enjoy a great breakfast, then have fun at Epcot!


awesome, thanks everyone!

This is a horse of a different color. If you really want to do Boma - and I would encourage you to do so - I would consider cabbing it directly over to AKL. If not, I wonder if you could put out a Res Finder for an earlier reservation at CP.

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I don’t have any experience with the transportation part of the WDW App so I don’t know how it is telling you to get to Animal Kingdom Lodge, but I would walk from the Contemporary to the bus depot at Magic Kingdom and catch the Animal Kingdom Lodge bus from there. Assuming that MK opens at 8AM there should be a at least a few buses running. The trip to AKL is about 20 minutes -I don’t think walking and waiting for next bus would add 50 minutes. Of course, there is always Uber which would give door to door service in about 20 minutes.

At the hour OP would have to be on a bus to get to AKL for an 0740 ressie, I wouldn’t chance it andwould just cab it

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I agree Boma and VN is a great combo but only if you are taking a cab to AKL or Uber. A cab is less than 20 minutes and I do not think you can take Disney transportation to get you to that ADR.

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Ok, now you all got me a bit worried heheh. Seriously though, I can’t take a bus? Per the app, it’s like @Lens_number_1_Fan suggests and it’s a walk to the MK Bus stop and then it’s a straight shot from there.

This would be on 9/6, so MK has it’s early magic morning (I think that’s the paid version) starting at 7:45AM. Wouldn’t the busses be running an hour before that?

If I would need a cab… how would I do that? Talk to the hotel desk and they arrange for someone to show up? What’s the usual rates for that? Sorry, I’m completely new to cabs/uber.

EDIT: I found a “fare estimator” on Mears, suggesting it’s going to cost $30 to get from the Contemporary to Boma. Nuts to that. I’d rather to just move up my reservation to something like 8:40, I’m not married to the 7:40 time frame or anything.

Buses may be running from AKL to MK at 7:00 but that does not mean those buses immediately return to AKL.

Would definitely keep Boma and VN, but I have little use for CMs. VN is one of my favorites in WDW,and although not on my “short list”, as far as buffets go (which I generally do not like), Boma is second only to BG in WDW.

@Rjaniz based on my experience if you are late for the reservation, WDW will accommodate you. Just be polite and explain the situation.

Actually, I’ll be at WDW on the 6th. I’ll swing by and pick you and we’ll make it a party of six! :couple::family::bust_in_silhouette:

Hahah thanks but I wouldn’t want to crash anyone else’s breakfast.

Based on this, I think I’ll just push my reservation closer to 9. TP Forum saves the day again! :slight_smile:

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