Which reservation to I try to get first: Savi's or Oga's?

As I huge Star Wars fan, I plan on spending one day just immersing myself in everything Star Wars, including making a lightsaber at Savi’s and taking in Oga’s. My 60-day window is approaching for our July trip, and wondering which reservation I should try to get first so I can get both the same day.

I am inclined to try for Oga’s first, then Savi’s, but if I go for Savi’s first but don’t get Oga’s, I can use the reservation finder to help me out.

I will definitely be up early the morning our 60-day window opens. We are staying offsite, so I will only get a 60-day window.

I think you can start making a reservation for Savi’s (and other experience things) just after midnight, instead of 6:00 a.m. Also, you can also try to do a walk-up for Oga’s if you aren’t successful in making an ADR. If you don’t get Oga’s at 60 days, keep checking as you get closer, there are always people dropping reservations.

ETA: I see you also posted on chat, and they also said midnight for Savi’s.


Oga’s! Most people will hesitate to splurge 220usd for a lightsaber. It should be easier to get Savi’s


Jumping on this thread to avoid making a new one, although I will do that if needed. My question is, if we have a Oga’s reservation after park close, how long do shops in SWGE stay open? Do they close promptly at 9?

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@Dreamer–I found another thread where you had one of these reservations after close. Were the shops in SWGE open after 9 or did you notice?

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I’ve done Oga’s twice after the park closed and it’s so fabulous. The rides weren’t open after 9. Is that what you are asking?

Ha–I wrote ships. I meant shops–did you notice if any of the shops are open past 9?

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Ohhhh. That make so much more sense. It was 10:30-10;45 when I left both times and everything was closed by then.