Which queues are worth seeing?

Which queues should we try and experience?

And is there a better time to ride those rides to minimize the wait? We won’t have an express pass, but should qualify for an assistance pass. I could try to ride those rides without interesting queues when the waits are longer and prioritize the more interesting queues.

Best Queues:

Skull Island
Forbidden Journey

Hagrids is cool too.


If anyone in your party liked any of the Fast & Furious movies then go look at the queue but skip the actual ride.

ET and RipRideRockit have zero theming.
Simpsons ride has minimal theming in the queue until you get to the end.
Transformers has a little bit to look at.
Spiderman has some interesting things to see, but not a ton.
Jurassic Park water ride doesn’t have good theming.
Ripsaw Falls has some cute stuff, but it gets old.
I honestly can’t remember what’s in the Bilge Rat Barges queue.

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And skip doom’s.

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An assistance pass is very similar to Express Pass. We had express pass through HRH and finally found one of the places to get the assistance pass. The TM said “The assistance pass wouldn’t give us anything that we didn’t already get with EP”.

I love being in the ET forest line!!


Sorry to be contrary again, but I thought the Doom queue area was pretty cool.
That said, I wouldn’t want to hang around in it for long. We walked right through it to the loading area and I would’ve liked a better look.

I actually find the queue far better than the ride itself. Feels immersive and relaxing…not to mention a lovely respite from the heat. The ride itself feels dated…and quite bizarre once we leave the scenes from the movie. It always feels like the first half tries to be Peter Pan’s Flight, and the second half a mishmash of IASW with Figment…just… bizarre!

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I guess I take it back… now that I think of it, I haven’t actually waited in line for ET in recent memory.

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I’m just thinking of the boring, plain switchbacks outside. That’s all I can remember waiting in anytime recently.

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I guess I didn’t see the standby queue now thinking about it. The UXP just placed us right outside the loading area, in the heat, shuffling out of the way as finished riders exited.

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I found ET fun. But the audio needs updating. Loud and not all very clear. Probably just old equipment.

Waited in lots of boring switchbacks. That’s one of those little things Disney’s got going on the right way.

I hope they update ET and don’t do away with it. I’m always scared that they will–it’s a nostalgic favorite of mine.


There’s nothing, but office furniture. The cartoon preshow does set-up the ride well, but I’d rather walk past.

DDRSF has the most claustrophobic queue! Plus, it plays the most god awful “cartoon” instrumental track that is incessant!! I’ve been stuck in there when the ride was down. It’s so tight you can’t even exit.

There’s nothing in the Popeye queue… It boards pretty quick with only a couple switchbacks.

My picks in order:

Forbidden Journey
Skull Island
Men In Black
The Simpson’s - (Only if you really love the show & will get all the inside jokes. It’s great if you do. I like the queue & boarding preshow more than the ride)

Worst queue —

Hagrid’s!! It’s soooo long and there’s nothing to see. The preshow only runs in slow times. I’ve only seen it twice. Both times in February.


Saw it plenty in July :woman_shrugging:t4:

(I swear I’m not trying to be argumentative on this thread. I’m highly aware that all my contributions so far are not acquiescent :grimacing::rofl::rofl:)


Totally agree! I came off that one thinking it was the weirdest ride I had ever been on! Still enjoyable but definitely weird.

The Mummy queue should be right up there as it has a few interactive secret features/booby traps.

And I love admiring the architecture and views in Hagrid’s queue.

I agree MIB is good too. And that also has hidden booby traps.


I’m happy to be wrong! It’s sad that they don’t run it more often, but it would slow the queue.

It’s definitely in my honorable mention. I’m still worried that it’s not gonna open soon! :crossed_fingers:


So are all these queues that are worth seeing ones that must be done in standby rather than Express Pass? Except of course Hagrids and Velocicoaster.

In other words, which queues should be experienced at least once as standby rather than EP? Or which ones are fine to only ever experience as EP?