Which PPOs actually help?

I’m staying offsite during a week when AK, HS, and MK have extra magic hours all week long. Ugh. I had a PPO at BOG, but they changed the hours, and now I think I’ll cancel it and have breakfast in the hotel. Are there any other PPO breakfasts that actually help you get ahead of the crowds?

Life with my family will be far more pleasant if we all arrive with full stomachs. Breakfast ADRs are only worth it to me if they get us to the front of the line.

Not at this time under these conditions.


If these aren’t the extra extra hours there could be some advantage. It would have to be a day with a single hour EMH.

My examples assume an 8:00 EMH with a regular opening at 9:00. In one scenario you could get an 8:00 BOG or GG and then tour during 30 minutes of EMH. Conversely you could get an 8:45 BOG or GG then RD EMH (getting into the park on your ADR) for 45 min before heading to breakfast.

If these are those 6:00 am days, you are out of luck :frowning:

Thanks. I’m pretty sure HS is going to be horrendous when we’re there, especially with the 3 hour EMH. I decided to go on the day we have a Garden Grill ADR for lunch. We may be stuck in stupid long lines all morning, but we have a firm exit time and three other parks to explore.

I just realized even Epcot has EMH the days we’re going – which are pretty locked in at this point, because of ADRs. Joy.