Which PPO Breakfast should I choose?

We are AP holders staying AKL for the first week of June. It will be DW, DD15 & myself. Not on the dining plan.

I’m planning our ADR’s, I already have dinner at Boma and Hoop-Dee-Do. I want to do one TS per day and would like to do one in-park breakfast. We’ve been to BOG and CRT for breakfast in the past. I would like to try something else.

I was looking at The Plaza but that doesn’t get you ahead of RD. How about the Crystal Palace or any of the other three parks? I appreciate any thoughts or opinions.

Consensus around here seems to be that people like Garden Grill for PPO breakfast and advantage to Soarin’.

I personally don’t like any PPO TS breakfasts, as I just like to enjoy my meal/experience and not worry about getting done in time. Even if I’m not “rushing” I have a ticking clock in the back of my head. But lots of ppl. do. (BOG is an exception as it’s QS)

Based on reviews here, I would choose Garden Grill in Epcot for a PPO. We didn’t do it on our last trip, but it’s in the plans for our next one. People rave about BOG, but we are one and done with that one. Looking forward to see what other people suggest.

I’d highly recommend Tusker House - you do have Mickey, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy, so a few character interactions if that’s your thing. But the food is amazing. And you could get there before 8am, eat for 40 minutes, and then RD FoP or NRJ or KS.

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Tusker House would probably be the most convenient one, especially with a 15 year old who may like to sleep late.

We really liked Akershus for a PPO breakfast. We loved Tusker House, but we did a late breakfast on an EMH morning. Planning on doing both again next trip. We are most likely going to add Garden Grill PPO, but have not yet been there.

Another vote for Garden Grill. We had a PPO there in May and I booked it again for my March trip. I like the atmosphere a lot and also liked the food. It’s nice that they bring it all to your table. Plus we got on Soarin before the rope drop crowd.

Thank you for the responses.

I have booked PPO reservation for Garden Grill.

Looked at Tusker House but could not get a PPO time slot during our planned trip.

We like Garden Grill and Crystal Palace, but CP will put you behind the RD crowd.