Which plan should I use for IOA

So we have a 1 day 2 park ticket. The main reason for going to UOR is for Jurassic stuff as I have an obsessed 6yo. We won’t do any thrill rides. I also like HP but am fine just seeing the lands as I know the rides are intense.

We will have EE but I doubt we’ll get there in time.
I have 2 possible plans - 1 starts with Seuss land and then goes to Jurassic. This saves walking. It will be June.
Option 2 is to start with PF and JRA then go to Seuss and come back to Jurassic to do raptor encounter which doesn’t open until 10, the playground, discovery center and lunch. How long would a dino lover spend a the discovery center? This plans is more walking but obviously prioritizes Jurassoc stuff.


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It would be nice to stay in Jurassic Park once you start touring there, so I would do Seuss Landing first even if your plan does take a little longer overall.

You may want to add a 20 or 30 minute break into your morning plan to account for bathroom break, snack, longer waits than expected, etc. It could be 3:00 til you get to the Hogwarts Express, but it’s good that USF will be open til 9:00pm.

I think your 50 minute estimate for the Discovery Center is good, knowing that your 6yo will love it there. And the 80 minutes total for Camp Jurassic and lunch should be good too.

Try to arrive at the gates between 8:30/8:45, Hopefully Suess Trolley will open a little early like normal.

Remember to us the bypass bridge from the Lost Continent to get to JP.


So the trolley opens early sometimes? They is probably my top ride there. I’m thinking of maybe dropping Seuss entirely now because of time - maybe we just do that. I want to get over to USF for Transformers M&G, ET and seeing Diagon Alley. I don’t want to stay late.

Yes, but not guaranteed.

Yes, that may be wise since you only have 1 day and don’t want to stay late.

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I’ll second starting in Seuss Landing. If you aren’t coming back / exiting the park via the main gate then just start at the front of the park.

The plan you have for that seems fine… You could cut a Seuss ride to save a few minutes, if needed…

These run about every 40 - 60 minutes. They rotate which character will be out for about 15 minutes. Ignore what the app says if it displays, “no more shows today”. I’ve had it say that so many times when they were doing Transformer M&Gs. I’m not saying it’s a guarantee, but go check for yourself as you exit.

It looks like you’ll get to USF around 3:15pm and if everything goes well see DA / ET / M&G and be out of the park by 5:30pm - 6pm

I’ve noticed that about the M&G - even at 9am it gives a time range but says no more shows. So how do I know when they’ll be there - I just have to ask. Every 45-60 minutes with how many off?

Also, doing dinner at LC so I will no e out a bit later but still not too late.

There will be a sign posted out front of the photo area. It’s typically a small dry erase board. When in doubt you can try to ask the TM at the photo counter next to it…

I was curious about when you were leaving when you said you want to be gone early. I think you’ve got a full day with a little one in the June heat! Take advantage that the Discovery Zone is indoors. See the raptor being born, play with “children’s museum level” interactive exhibits and basically enjoy the A/C!!

If you eat in the JP area avoid Burger Digs at all costs!! It’s the worst!! Just get a slice of pizza or a snack cart if you are hungry in that area.

Definitely eating lunch at Thunder Falls

I am hoping to be done by 6 or 7My plan says I can be done everything and at LC by 5:15. Of course this is a perfect world and assumes that the M&G times work. This is probably our busiest day of thrips since we just have the 1 day so we’ll do it up. I sandwiched it between our BB day and a rest day so we can handle it.

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