Which Party Would You Pick?

Hello! I am trying to decide which night to visit MNSSHP. My choices are:

Friday, 10/26
Sunday, 10/28
Tuesday, 10/30
Wednesday, 10/31

We are a family of 5, 3 kids ages 7, 5 and 4. This is their second visit to the world and they are so excited to spend Halloween at “Mickey’s Castle” :slight_smile: We have a split stay between POR (10/26-28), Poly(10/28-31) and BLT (10/31-11/2). I am actually still trying to decide on my other park days. Pretty sure we are doing Epcot on 10/28 and MK on 11/1. I can still switch them but MK is pretty much a lock bc we will be at BLT that day and I have a 8 am PPO ADR at GG for Epcot on 10/28 so I dont really want to give that up. Other than that I am wanting to figure out my party night before deciding my other park days. I have been leaning toward 10/30 with the hopes that the crowds will be lower. That is our last night at Poly and we had planned to enjoy the resort all day before the party. But then I got to thinking about how nice it would be to do our late nights at MK when we are staying at BLT so now I am wondering about switching to 10/31. Its the most expensive night though and will be super crowded from what I understand. I think 10/30 is still going to be the best day for us but I wanted to put it out there to see if anyone had any wisdom to add to the plan. For the party, our priority is meeting Moana, The “Hi-Yos” (as my littlest calls them) and watching the parade. Oh and the candy stops for sure! We want to ride rides, see fireworks, etc but Moana and 7Ds are the big draw for our people. So even though all these possible nights for us will be crowded, Tuesday 10/30 seems to have the best chance for not selling out (based on what? my gut? I have no idea!)

So tell me, which night would you choose?

For crowd advice


I was going to suggest 10/28. It being a Sunday I think, of the dates you’ve given, it’s probably the best shot at the lowest crowd (I say this without consulting the link shared above). It would seem like a perfect way to spend your transition day: sleep in, transfer to Poly, lunch, swim, nap maybe, and then monorail to the party for 4pm.

I think the closer you get to 10/31 the higher the crowds are going to be.


Thanks! I do have a back up GG ADR for 8:25 am on 10/27 so we could switch our Epcot day to Saturday. I like your point about the transfer day, too. Any thoughts on 8:25 am ADR being as useful for getting to Soarin before the crowds? I think I read somewhere that you can get in early even with an 8:25 am ADR maybe we could still check in at 8 am and see if we can get going earlier than 8:25 am. If that is the case this may be a no brainer :slight_smile:

I have heard the same about 0825-type preRD ADR at GG for Soarin access. If it were me, I’d make the switch

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Really helpful video!