Which parks which days - June 2018

First trip ever - yay! Trying to decide which parks to go to on which days, so I can figure out ADR. There are eight of us - me, DH, 4 kids - 11,11,6,5 and my parents. We are staying at AoA. We are going Tuesday, June 26 - Tuesday, July 3. The 26 and 3rd will just be resort/packing up days. We have 3-day tickets and plan on…MK EP, AK, DS (for BBB) and one day at Universal for our 11 year old twins. I would love any advice on which day for which park - do I do EMH for MK? Any great restaurants…we would like to do CRT, since my girls love princesses and we are doing DS for BBB, so that would be their chance to go inside the castle. We were hoping to do a day in between each park to give my little ones time to regroup and do DS/pool days then. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for any tips you could share!!

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We are going to just miss you by a few days. The best suggestion is to check the crowd levels and to see what the park hours are on those days. Keep in mind that the temp will be in the upper 80’s to mid 90’s, ice water is free just ask for it also so is AC if your hot go into a shop or a quick serve or even take in a show. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS ENJOY YOUR TIME.

You may consider Akershus at Epcot too if your girls like Princesses. I try to take advantage of EMH if I’m on property, especially for AK in the morning and Epcot and MK at night. We aren’t early risers so the evening EMH work well for us (kids are 8 and 14)… Look at the crowd calendar and see which park has the lowest crowds that day or which day the park you want has the lowest crowd number for the dates you will be there. If you have a good touring plan, it won’t matter much.