Which Parks Which Days Advice

After receiving the dreaded CL increase email, I’m second-guessing which parks we should visiting on the first few days of our trip. We are: DH & myself, in our 40’s, and DD7. Arriving late evening Fri Nov 9, departing early morning Sun Nov 18. Staying at Poly. We have 8 day PH for the 10th-17th. Crowd levels are high Nov 10-12, lower the rest of our trip. Whatever parks we visit Nov 10-12 we will return to for at least a part day later in the trip. My goal for this weekend is to minimize being in and/or the stress of the large crowds but get some park time in.

Sat Nov 10 will likely be a late start due to arriving late the night before.
MK 10, EP 6 (but last weekend of Food & Wine), HS 6 (but once TSL opens this may change), AK 9
Original plan before CL change was AK from say 10a-5p with the evening at the resort, maybe watch fireworks on the beach.
Wondering whether braving EP Food & Wine crowd might be better than being in AK at a 9. We could do WS first and then FW later in the day when presumably the crowds in WS are growing?

Sun Nov 11
MK 8, EP 9, HS 7, AK 9
Original plan was to rope drop HS. TP calendar isn’t showing this as an EMH morning although a lot of Sundays are EMH at HS so there is a possibility it might turn out to be EMH. If so, we would stay at the park until it gets busy. Resort afternoon. Had thought we might do a night time show such as ROL or HS, but with those crowd levels it might be a good evening for 'Ohana dinner or Chip & Dale’s campfire.

Mon Nov 12
10’s across the board
Original plan was resort day, Afternoon Tea and MVMCP. From past experience I know we need to sleep in and relax to make it close to the end of the party.
Now that everywhere has a CL of 10, if we do MVMCP this day I think we would wait until 6 pm to enter.

Any thoughts on our plans?

Also, any thoughts on what the crowds would be like during the day at Disney Springs this weekend? On our previous trip we went on a weekday afternoon and crowds were light.

Are you planning on ADRs inside the parks on any of the days in question? You are under 180 days, so I’m going make the assumption that is a ‘no’, but correct me if I’m wrong.

So, based on that assumption, don’t let the CLs worry you right now. They will undoubtedly change with the monthly updates in June, July, August, and early September. All of those changes will be outside of your 60 day FP window.

It’s 186 days today, but with the current plan I don’t have any in-park ADR’s. If I swap AK and EP on Sat the 10th that might affect ADR choices as the day I would be trading has a Garden Grill breakfast in the plan.

I’m trying not to worry about the CL’s but it’s hard not to worry a little when you started with low CL’s and now there’s 9’s and 10’s. But I would rather be prepared than be expecting a 5 and get a 10.

If you want to do F & W, plan on doing it at 11 am. Longer lines later in the day and crowds on the weekends.

Totally agree with TwoBits, those levels will undoubtedly change - get your FP reservations at 60 days and then plan around that using this site