Which Parks to reserve and which to hop?

My husband and I have a short anniversary trip (ours and disneys) planned for the first week of October. We only have 3 park days… Original plan was to skip MK as its my husband’s least favorite park. This is the first kid free trip and I have never got to ride most rides with him as we have always done rider switch with kids. Thinking missing out on MK is a mistake (I haven’t seen the redone castle yet!)
Would Epcot makes the most sense to hop too? It seems to be pretty busy that week and I dont want to be blocked from hopping due to capacity. On the other hand Epcot seems to be everyone’s first hopping choice so maybe going in the am is better for waits? Ak will only be half day for us.

That is a dilemma. There is just something magical about seeing the castle on a Disney trip. I don’t think I could be there and avoid MK. But no matter what you do, a kid-free trip is fabulous!

As for hopping, to date, no one has been blocked from hopping due to capacity, and Epcot has the highest capacity of any park. However, that is the week that Remy’s is opening in Epcot, so take the former statements with a grain of salt. I don’t know how to advise you but just one point to consider.

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If you want to ride RotR you must reserve HS :wink:


I can’t imagine going for WDW’s anniversary and then skipping the park being celebrated.


I would reserve MK, EP, and AK and then hop to Epcot one or more days if you have time. If Remy’s is high on your list, you can always hop in line during the hour before park close (though keep an eye out in the days before for when they close the queue, which might be earlier than park closing.)

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I think we will save Epcot for hopping. Makes sense with world showcase not opening until later. Plus food and wine festival for dinner everynight!

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