Which parks on which days

Hi all. So I’m the planner who has 23 other people going on this trip with me. (We’re going to separate in the parks and just meet up at the pool at the end of the day. ) We’re going for sixteen days with a min of 10 park days. First day is arrival day so don’t need a park on that day. Age range is 20 -30.

Check the crowd calendar for your travel dates, and also think about how much time you plan to spend at each park/must do attractions and shows. Do you have park hoppers?

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We are traveling next June but I want to get a basic idea so we can plan ADRs. We probably will but for the purposes of this we don’t have park hoppers

I agree with awspoede that you should use the crowd calendar to assist in your decision making.


Aside from that, this decision could be based on multiple things. If you’re avoiding crowds, I would again use the crowd calendar and also stay away from the park that will be the “extra magic hour” park for that day as that park tend to be a bit busier. Parks frequently stay open a bit later during weekends as well but since you’re going during summer, hours already tend to be longer. Otherwise, I don’t think any certain day of the week is “better” than others to visit any certain park as the schedule for attractions, shows, and events remains pretty consistent across WDW.

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Okay. I’m thinking 3 days at MK, Three days at EP. Two days at HS and 2 days at AK. A day or two at DS a day or two at the water parks.

I think that looks pretty good. My honest assumption (without knowing much about you or your party) is that you won’t need the full 2 days at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. My suggestion would be to plan on one of those days to be a half day trip - either before lunch or after lunch. Before lunch trips will allow you to experience a lot more attractions as the parks aren’t at their “peak” busy-ness yet OR an after lunch trip will allow you to experience the nighttime spectaculars as well as see the parks lit up at night.

The 3 days at MK and EP may be a bit of a stretch but it will definitely allow you to take your time and enjoy yourselves- plenty of time to experience everything you want, do plenty of browsing shops, and see all the shows without having to run like buffoons from one end of the park to the other to try to get everything done in one day (which is what we usually end up doing lol).

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I agree with Jeremy Patrick that with a trip that long, you can definitely plan at least one or two half days. I also especially agree about HS. It’s barely a one full day park for us, even with all of the Star Wars stuff. Not sure how your group will feel about all of that. The adults in my family love Epcot as there is a ton to walk around and see/experience in the world showcase. We also love AK. It has some wonderful attractions and shows, some great dining options, and just a really cool ambiance. So if it were me, I like having two days there. I would also leave some of my plans deliberately loose (like a morning or two with no ADRs or must-do/ hard to get FPP reservations, and a afternoon or evening or two with no specific plans) so that you can just do what you want. There are lots of benefits to pre planning, but there is also a benefit to giving yourself some time to pause and go with the flow. With a longer trip you can do both.