Which park to visit for the best HP experience?

I only have one day to visit one of the parks (we’re not planning to do a 2-park in one day visit) and wondering which park should we decide on. We have been to Universal Studios in California, so I’m guessing it would be very similar in Orlando? Is Islands of Adventure the best park to experience HP? TIA!

If you’re only doing one, I’d do US. Diagon Alley is amazing, there are lots of shows, and you can see the Knight Bus and Grimmauld Place. Then again, you have to go to IOA to see Hogwarts. Argh, I’m completely torn.

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That is a really tough question to answer. Diagon Alley in US is completely amazing, but I feel like the tour through Hogwarts in IOA is equally amazing. In US, you will have only one ride, whereas you will have two, including Forbidden Journey, which, in my opinion, is the best ride anywhere, in IOA. If you were able to tour Hogwarts in California, I would say go to US to see Diagon Alley. If you are really big Harry Potter fans, I really feel like you should get the two park ticket to see both of the areas.

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Thanks! Very smart of them to design the parks leaving you with no choice but to visit both of them! :wink: I just don;t think we can spend that much money for one day of parks…tough decision, but I appreciate the input!

I agree! I am sure you will have an amazing time no matter what!