Which park to use fast passes for?

We are planning to do MK in the AM on Saturday, Feb 4th, 2017 and Epcot in the late afternoon evening with a break at the hotel in between.

Do I use Fastpasses at MK (AM) or Epcot (PM)?

We are doing a full day at MK earlier in the week and have an 8:10 am reservation at Be Our Guest.
We are hoping to do the new Frozen ride and Nemo rides with our preschooler along with Illuminations.

I would use my FPs for Epcot. If you are at MK early you should be able to do many attractions with little or no wait. You would have to wait a long time for FEA.

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I 100% agree with @PrincipalTinker

The “general wisdom” says to use your FPPs on the second park you are going to.

Thanks guys! Very helpful!