Which park to skip

My husband and I are planning a trip November 26-December 3. We are flying which leaves 6 days we are planning 2 Universal days 3 Disney and 1 Free day which we will attend The MVMCP that night. Which park should we skip because we have three day one park each passes? My husband and I don’t want to feel rushed by doing the park hopping on such a short schedule.

I guess the obvious choice is Hollywood Studios, as there’s so much construction. But if you’re Star Wars fans, you might not want to miss that one. What are your must-sees, as that might help with suggestions?

I was considering skipping Hollywood studios but my Husband is a Star Wars fan and that might not be the best plan. I’ve never been and its been like 15 years since he has been. Magic Kingdom is a must but since I have never been its hard to decide what to skip if I should try to add another day to the passes we already have.

I would personally skip animal kingdom as we have never found enough to do to stay past 3 in the afternoon, even with a character lunch. We are huge Star Wars fans so Hollywood is a must for us.

I would not skip HS since the current SW fireworks are amazing so I have high hopes for the new ones. Combine that with RnR, ST and ToT - it is a great adult park. Will you want to see the storytellers and the CP at EP? Do you want to experience AK at night? If you go to the party at 4:00- would that be enough time in MK?

Do you like zoos? My family does, and we did not enjoy AK so are skipping it this visit. My cousin’s family does not enjoy zoos and they just did AK and loved it. Only a small sample size of two but I’ve found it interesting so thought I’d share in case it helps you decide about AK!

Yeah, if your husband loves Star Wars, then HS is a keeper. Skip Animal Kingdom, then. I love the Safari ride enough to do it twice a day. That said, I have time in my day to do it twice, so unless you love the animals… and there is much more than animals at AK, this might be the one to skip.

Yeah I am between skipping AK or Epcot but since it is during the Christmas Season I think Epcot has more to offer at that time if I understand.

Have you considered adding one more day to your passes? You could visit all four parks. Then plan AK for the same day you are doing MVMCP, and kind of use the party as a 1 day park hopper.

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I would do MK, Epcot and HS! I think since you are a couple you would love EP and the worlds :slight_smile: I know me and my husband do! That is one of our favorite parks :slight_smile:

Since you are going during Christmas, you could hotel hop and see all the displays for Christmas :slight_smile:

Another option, but it would not give you much time in MK is to do EP, HS, and AK on your park day and MK on your MVMCP day!

I would miss AK…I think you will enjoy Epcot more especially at the time of year you are going :smile:

This is a time I would say a park hopper makes so much sense! You could do two MK mornings and then go to AK and HS around 4:00.

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I would skip AK. An adult only trip makes Epcot so much more enjoyable since you don’t have kids getting bored while you tour World Showcase which is really awesome during the holidays. AK is getting better with the night time stuff and once Pandora opens it’ll probably no longer be a skip for us but when we do go it’s usually a half day or less for us so skipping that one is the most obvious choice for us.

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