Which Park to NOT have a rope drop morning?

Our trip in May is only for three days. We plan to park hop so we’ll hit all four parks while we’re there. As such, we can only do three rope drops. Which park is the best park to skip rope drop but still have a chance of riding or experiencing much of the park?

I think it depends on if you want to do Toy Story Maina. With it not having FP+ available until July again, if you want to ride you will need to rope drop HS and go TSM, Tower, RRC (single rider) and then Star Tours.

If you are ok with not riding TSM (or waiting in a long line). I would rope drop Epcot without FP+ and then use FP+ in HS in the afternoon/evening. Touring plans just did a video on riding Soarin and Frozen in little over an hour at rope drop and then you could single rider test track later.

I think rope drop is a must for the other two parks

I think most would say to skip RD at HS. The real issue is going to be what other park to you only do half a day of?

Generally I would do:

  1. MK for a full day.
  2. A very early AK arrival for FOP (you probably won’t get FOP FP at this point) maybe with FP there if they are early. A late hop to Epcot. Possibly getting a same day FP for one of the headliners at Epcot. My concern is that your FP at AK may be later in the day given you would be 30 days out.
  3. Epcot and hop to HS with FP at HS. Possibly having to skip TSM as it would really eat into your time.

Epcot seems easier to do without FP than AK but there is more to see there.

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Brian did a HS crowd video recently, and has stated that, if you can’t rope drop HS, Go later in the afternoon or evening when all the rope droppers have done the 4 (and only 4) rides in HS and are now taking in the shows.

I totally agree with @marentette7

1- MK (full day)
2- EP (morning) -> HK (afternoon & evening with FP+)
3- AK (morning & afternoon with FP+) -> EP (evening)

For our famliy, Epcot is our favorite park in the evening mainly because of WS. In addition, the lines for the attractions in Future World are shorter in the evening (in case you missed something on your second day).

As for TSMM, you could ride it last thing at park closure.

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Thanks for the responses, everyone!

We decided to rope drop all the parks except Epcot. We figure we can single-rider Test Track and ride Soarin’ late at night when the crowds dwindle. Otherwise, we don’t typically have a lot of difficulty getting on rides. We may not be able to do Frozen Ever After but that is probably acceptable.

Our current schedule looks like this:
MK > EP > HS (just for the SW fireworks)

Just be sure to remember that, as a rule, IllumiNations marks the end of the operating day and there’s no chance to get on attractions once IllumiNations begins. Not saying don’t do it, just be cognizant of the scheduling. Other parks are often open after the nighttime show; rarely so with EPCOT, except for evening EMH.

I was going to suggest EP, I think it’s a good choice.

That seems solid HS advice, other than so many of the shows don’t continue in the evening. But I would still think many liners could hit the 4 rides in an evening by FP 2 of them.