Which park should I FP?

I am planning on hitting Epcot for AM EMH on Thursday, June 2 and spending the morning in Future World. I then plan to rest a while (staying at Pop) then head to MK for a 5:40 ADR and spend the evening there.

I’ve done personalized touring plans for each park. It appears it would be more beneficial to save my FPP for MK, but I really, really want to ride Soarin & Frozen IF they are open.

I’ve read I never want to cancel a FPP, but change them instead. If I book them for MK, would I still be able to change to Epcot attractions? I don’t want to risk losing what I have without knowing for sure I can get what I want. I think my FPP window is April 2, and I doubt there will be anything concrete about Frozen or Soarin by then.

TP puts Test Track first with a 12 minute wait, Mission Space Green a 5 minute wait at 9:13, then 20 minutes for Spaceship Earth later in the day, My plan for MK is Meet Mickey at Town Square, Pirates, Splash, and Big Thunder. Which park should I FPP? If I use them at Epcot, what should I use them for? Thanks.

If you’re at Epcot for EMH you should be able to do Soarin & Test Track without bad waits, that only leaves Frozen with a long queue. EP is predicted CL6, while MK is CL8. Using your FP at MK would probably involve less overall waiting, but if you’ve used your FP in the morning you should be able to get a couple Ex FP for the rides you want in the MK. I think it depends on whether you’re travelling alone and will be staying late, or with small kids. I’ve been having similar dilemma’s, initially I’d wanted to save my FP’s for the evening, however now I think they are all going to be for the morning. That way we are assured a good morning, and there’s more flexibility for the kids re napping and going to bed. That said we are going for a week, if it was only a couple of days, I’d probably save my FP for the evening especially on AM EMH. I’ve been checking online at what FP are still available in the evening and even with large crowds you might be able to get all yours, Big Thunder would be your toughest. You would also need to schedule queing at the FP kiosks into your touring plan. I should mention I haven’t been in 30 years and the only things I really remember firsthand are space mountain, figment, the fireworks, and the queue’s, however I’ve spent way too much time reading the Disney blogs recently.

That’s so funny. I was there exactly 30 years ago too. My daughter was 5 at the time I remember waiting 2 1/2 hours for Space Mountain and my daughter chickened out. I don’t think they had fast passes then. This time I’m taking my daughters children, two boys ages 7 and 9. We’ve gone to Disneyland the last 2 summers. They don’t nap. The rest break is for me and hubby. I think you’re right. I will probably use the fast passes early at Epcot, but I wanted some other opinions. Thanks so much.