Which Park on a Friday

The vibe I’m getting is that Hollywood Studios generally feels the most crowded and that weekends feel far more crowded than weekdays at all parks. Is there a feeling about Fridays? Perhaps Friday evenings at Epcot feel more crowded as locals go there to hang out? I have no idea, just trying to overanalyze my decision. How would you schedule my park days?

Wednesday Dec 9
Thursday Dec 10
Friday Dec 11
Saturday Dec 12

I am thinking of doing AK on Saturday because we are leaving that evening (8 PM flight) and AK can be done in a shorter amount of time for us. Where should I put the others? Do you like starting with MK or “saving it”? Would Friday possibly be busier at certain parks? I haven’t been to Disney enough to form my own super solid opinion. I’m getting there :slight_smile: I always like hearing yalls opinions and why you choose them. GO!

PS- Since its only 4 parks days, if you think I should SKIP a park and do another twice, preach on it. I’ll listen with open ears.

I think AK on Saturday is probably a good choice. Friday is probably going to be a little busier than the other two days. I think what you do depends on which park is more important to you. I would do HS on Friday just because there’s probably not going to be a huge difference between HS on TH and HS on F. I think I would avoid Epcot on Friday. So maybe MK - EP - HS - AK? Those are my thoughts. I would do all four parks, personally, rather than skip one.


I also agree with the reasoning on doing AK on Saturday in your situation. There just aren’t a ton of attractions open there at the moment, so it is an easier park to knock out. If lines do get a little long, you can always take a break for a meal, a drink, or take some time to explore the trails.

I would also take the same approach that @Julianne_fki suggests of MK - EP - HS - AK. I think you’d start to see crowds Friday afternoon and evening with locals at EP, but this is less likely at HS since BGs would already be gone.


We have reservations to be there there the same dates and I just reshuffled my park reservations this week to:
Wed - Epcot (late start since we get in late the night before)
Thurs - MK - I want a lower crowd MK weekday
Fri - HS - hoping Friday will still get a little of the weekday benefit, but knowing HS will max out no matter what day of the week it is.
Sat - resort day to avoid crowds
Sun - MK
We are skipping AK this time, unilateral decision since I wanted two MK days at Christmas time. But if we were doing AK I would definitely plan it for the weekend.

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Me too :neutral_face: But then I think about skipping FOP and Everest and get sad… It’s such a pickle.

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Me, I would do EP, MK, HS, AK. I like MK to be in the middle, lol. EP is slower pace IMO and I would enjoy it after a day of travel. MK is definitely a full day. Hs will be crazy. AK will be a nice ending park after an HS day.

Our first park day is a Monday and currently we’ve got AK first up. We’re hoping to arrive about mid-afternoon Sunday, we’ll be excited to be at WDW so the early park opening will be great, as will the early close. :rofl:

Followed by MK on Tuesday, HS on Wednesday, Epcot Thursday, AK again on Friday and Epcot on Saturday. I’m expecting Saturday to be crowded and I’d rather be in Epcot for crowds.

I’m thinking of switching the first Epcot with MK but what a clunky enterprise that is. :astonished:

Fri at MK was certainly busier than Wed at MK. But we still got on everything we wanted to go on…just some longer waits.

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