Which park is most affected by CL?

We have 2 possibilities for our fall trip dates. The first week has lower for MK (2-3) but higher for AK and HS (5-7). Second week is higher MK (4-5) and lower AK &HS (1-3).

I don’t trust the HS levels because we are going after TSL opens.

I’m leaning toward the first week because our kids are young. We will likely FP and RS headliners at HS and AK. It just seems like we would tour more efficiently with lower MK days (3 days of touring). What are your thoughts?

Make personalized touring plans for each park based on what you intend to do, and run them for the days that you are considering. Go with the days that give you the results that you are most comfortable with.

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I would go with the lower MK days.

With young kids, I would go with the “best” looking MK days.

I also would pick the lower crowds at MK.

Hat trick

Why are the MK days so low? Are they party days? If so, I find Party days to be some of the least crowded days but it comes at the cost of missing HEA since the park closes so early unless you have party tickets.

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Yep, party days. We will be there over Halloween & for several days after. So we will probably hop to MK on a Higher CL day just for fireworks.